13 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 26, Chapters 7-8” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. You do realize that RWX is gettimg like 180Thousand $ a year Just from patreon? This is his f***ng job, he is getting paid more than enough to fulfill his obligations!! Dont fkn say that with that kind of money that it just doesnt matter if he messes up!!

        1. Yeah, more money will magically add extra hours to his 24h days to overwork and burnout himself even faster. *facepalm*

          Some limits can’t be overcome by throwing more money at it.

          Besides: the high amount of patreon money is pretty new, he worked at a high translation pace while managing WW long before.

      1. first you have no right to complain, second most of the money so on the up-keep of the website, and third HE HAS A RIGHT AND A PASS TO F**K UP NOW AND THEN!

  1. It’s not your fault. It’s an issue with clocks and time itself. I should know. I used to wake up and hit snooze. Now, the phone does that on its own accord without letting me wake up. When I wake up, I look at the time and decide to close my eyes for 5 more minutes. But the messed up dao of time fast forwards by 30 minutes or an hour.

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