New DE Chapter Release! Book 24, Chapter 7

I fell asleep after finishing my editing of this and just woke up. So sorry that it’s a bit late! Book 24, Chapter 7 – The First Battle. Enjoy the read!

Patreon readers who are Daofather and above, links and permissions to the two special Google Drive folders have been sent out! Ping me on Patreon if you haven’t gotten access, but I should’ve messaged all of you. A few of you weren’t able to make the February cut-off and pledged in March. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until April before your pledge is actually billed! A few of you had your cards or whatnot declined. I think you have a few more days to use valid payment options, otherwise the system will stop trying and you will have to wait until April to become Patreons!

7 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 24, Chapter 7” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hi RWX, can you answer a smal doubt i have? As we know series on XianXiaWorld stop been translated, is there any chance, series like God Of Slaughter, King of Myriad Domain and Realms In The Firmament would come here to be translated? I just think its a pity such a long time without any translated chappers from these series, if they could come here to be translated that would be really good 😉

    1. I agree!! However RWX will then have to get those licenses and he already paid for many i believe that they have queued up to be translated

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