New DE Chapter Release! Book 24, Chapter 6

Hey guys, here’s the fifth chapter of the week! Book 24, Chapter 6 – Elder God Blackpeak. Enjoy the read!

The response to the Desolate Era Patreon has been nothing short of incredible. All ten Lord of the Dao positions have actually been filled! This means that, if they so choose, the ten Lords of the Dao can request that I add another 10 chapters each month, which means the current 14 chapters/week actually might be averaged out to be 16 chapters a week. Yikes!

There shall be no more ‘Lord of the Dao’ positions. These ten are what you have!

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  1. Dang RWX, didn’t you start this patreon on Sunday ? It’s barely Wednesday (state side) and you have more then any other patreon I’ve seen yet! Congratulations!!

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