New DE Chapter Release! Book 24, Chapter 5

Hey guys, here’s the fourth chapter of the week. Book 24, Chapter 5 – Military Headquarters. Enjoy the read!

We are officially at 14 chapters a week now, thanks to the success of the Patreon. I…did not expect this to happen this fast. *facepalm*. I’m all wiped out chapter-wise because of how friggin’ much work I do around WW, but if you have any suggestions for higher level tiers that don’t require an excessive time commitment from me, let me know!

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  1. Maybe if we reach a certain goal, you get someone to add stuff that can be under the “resources” tab? I found the “lessons” somewhat interesting, and would like to see if be improved.

  2. I was afraid this was going to happen. You were already the busiest person in WW and you took on more work. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe only DB knows your pain… with his like 20 chapters a week. xD

  3. Hahahhaha, that moment when you start a patreon, and be like okay 5000$, probably will take months, and in just a day you get 4 goals reached.

    That’s really funny!

    Congratz :D!!

  4. Well got servall ideas.
    1) Get other translator to come over to ww by buying licenses for then from that a**holes at Qidian
    2) Take a day off once a month and mass release all the chapters
    3) Install a ranking on the website and use the excessive money to found other chapters that won the most votes. Just make sure the same novel can’t win in a row.
    4) Support new novels at the start.
    5) Community events with prices maybe?
    6) Reduce the number of adds

    1. 1) isn’t he doing that if possible already?
      2) Dunno what’s good about that.
      3) Excessive money? I highly doubt that’s true. I am sure that Ren has no monetary issues but he surely doesn’t have the money to squander it left and right.
      4) That’s squandering money again.
      5) Fair enough but it would increase the work load of our Ren even more.
      6) Dunno about that. I have no issues with ads.

      1. 1) You are aware that buying licenses takes money?
        2) Takes off the weekly pressure
        3) All the ideas are suposed to make good use of the money, instead of delievering more chapters.
        And it is exessive since the can’t provide more chapter goals.
        4) Most translators drop the novel at the start. Motivating them seem like a solid investment to me.
        5) He hired a guy for that didn’t he?
        6) They are a security issue, increase the traffic load and annoy me badly

        1. 1. Pretty sure $5k/mo won’t cover much. And they (license holders) probably want the license paid outright.
          2. But more pressure on the “release day.” This just shifts the workload to one hectic day.
          3. This is essentially just moving the sponsor funds around, people can sponsor who they want directly instead.
          4. Too risky. Would you give a thousand bucks to an upstart that hasn’t proven themselves? They’d have to be proven elsewhere to be worthy, and by then it’s similar to #3. If they are known, then they are probably already sponsored elsewhere.
          5. Maybe.
          6. With the amount of traffic, ads are probably a significant income to help with server costs. (And the reduction from adblock users).

          7. Ren could just get a ton of booze every month. It’ll be a great idea.

          1. 1. that little amount of money is probably not going to help….
            2. He would still need to translate all of that before and then after the massive release catch up again…. not a good idea for a translator who is already overworked.
            3. I agree with angerthosenear
            4. You are sponsoring DE….why would you send that money to random people. just do that directly if you like it. You have an opinion (I hope). don’t put your opinionating powers into the hand of someone else.
            5. yes, this could be an idea but the problem is that people live all over the world. I know from experience that shipping cost and import & vat taxes cost way too much….
            6. I only have 50 MB of mobile data so I have to block the ads on my phone. If I do that I only use about 15-20 MB of data each month on whatsapp, WW and other stuff. If I don’t block the ads 1 visit to WW will cost me 10 MB (vs a few KB without ads). (WW is unblocked on wifi though). Unfortunately it is quite hard to build a patreon identifier that would remove the ads for patreon supporters otherwise I would suggest that.

            7. I would love to see the drunken translation powers of Ren.

          2. Well at least you made a own contribution instead of just bitching around, without alternatives. Guess RWX decides anyway.

        2. You definitely are one rude fella. But to not only bitch around I will give you a more direct reply.

          1) Useless comment. Do you like telling people to do the obvious?
          2) Hilarious comment. angerthosenear put it very politely, it simply shifts the pressure to a later date. It’s actually quite a pointless and stupid comment on your part.
          3) It’s funny that you assume Ren’s financial situation allows him to squander his money or his’ company’s money.
          4) Why should Ren take responsibility for other translators? Your comment is once more ridiculous. Ren is doing his full-time job not charity.
          5) As I said, it’s a fair point and the only good comment you wrote.
          6) Yes, surfing the WWW is a security issue too, don’t you agree? Just scratch N6.

          There, satisfied? The majority of your comments “suggestions” are simply bad. You didn’t put even 5 minutes into your comment to realize that some or ridiculous, delusional, ignorant and far-fetched.

          Yeah, alternatives are not needed because Ren is a grown up and he definitely knows what he can do.

          1. Btw @lail contribution is achieved by by offering a solution not by whining about other people.
            And just to make one point clear since none of you people seem to read it.
            “[…]you have any suggestions for higher level tiers that don’t require an excessive time commitment from me, let me know!”
            Higher tier rewards without time consumtion equals spending of money.
            You complained about me writing the obvious, but you seem to stupid to understand that point.
            You did nothing to help.
            I was orginally hoping to offer a starting point to discuss by listing the options but w/e.

    1. I really wonder how much money Yang Wen-li and Deathblade earn from patron. These are surely staggering numbers they earn hahaha and Ren is joining them!

      I just feel sorry that I can’t support them myself right now.

  5. With the Lord of the Dao bonuses (+1 chapter per month per LotD), won’t that mean an average of 16 per week now as well? Looks like we are at 8, or an average of +2 per week there. Ouch!

    Hang in there sir.

  6. donate the extra money to the Children of MC fund, those poor kids they’re totally emotionally abused being left completely alone by their parents…

    On a serious note, you could make a tier that allows someone to choose one of your completed novels and have it made into an actual hard copy book, maybe with some illustrations here and there.

  7. Ren, there is another novel written by IET, it is called Swallowed Star; in my opinion the world building of SS is even better than DE. The problem is that SS doesn’t get as much publication as DE so it is not as popular, also the release time is really slow, like 1 chapter every two days. I was thinking that maybe you can strike a deal with the current translator of SS ( which is very very excellent BTW) using the extra money you get from patreonship, in a way that the translator of SS can release faster chapter and be allowed to post those chapters here in Wuxia World; each donor chapter is only 45$. I’m not really sure if this is possible since he is already translating in a different site (translationnation), but it would be really really nice if Wuxia World can help Swallowed Star get more publication and therefore faster releases. just my opinion 🙂

    1. I thought that the guy translating Swallowed Star was not accepting donations so that he could release at his own pace. Also, he’s a student so his time at the moment is fairly limited. So, even if he was accepting money, he’s not exactly in a position to release faster, and it would be incredibly rude to try and take his project from him. I’m pretty sure Ren himself had a reddit post about that.

      1. we’re not going to take the project from him, we are going to make a *deal* with him to translate at a faster pace, maybe 1 chapter per day, or he could even move here in Wuxia World; this would both help him to make more money (through Ren’s higher tier patreons reward), also help the website to have an additional excellent Xianxia in the library.

        1. I’m going to be 100% honest, I’ve fully read Swallowed Star and in the later stages it is the absolutely draggiest novel I’ve read. The best part was the Earth arc, it only went downhill from there.

        2. The problem is that he doesn’t want more help, or at least he has refused it in the past. Plus, he’s a student and does not have a lot of free time to translate more in order to release more chapters. He already has a good thing going with TranslationNations, so I doubt he’d want to leave if it meant he had to be more regular. Additionally, WuxiaWorld already has a lot of traffic, so I don’t think TranslationNations would like it if WuxiaWorld took one of their series.

          Also, I can’t see a paid translator helping him without him losing the series. If you have a guy who does something as a hobby but is in high demand, the moment someone motivated by money comes in they’ll receive a lot of donations. These donations would cause the paid translator to release more chapters at a faster pace, making it difficult to coordinate with the original translator. After all, he’s not motivated by money, and is used to going at his own speed. This could lead to missing chapters or even duplicate chapters, both of which are bad in different ways.

          Personally, I’d love to see more of Swallowed Star, but unfortunately I can’t see a way that would work without the original translator either giving the series away or significantly changing his lifestyle.

  8. Some diversity would be better, like novels from different author. After a while, I Eat Tomatoes gets boring. I’ve started with Coiling Dragon too, but now i saw there are better novels out there than that (Chronicles of The Primordial Wars, History’s Number 1 Founder, Release that Witch, Warlock of the Magus World, Ze Tian Ji).

    When i see that something like Desolate Era gets so much attention while let’s say History’s Number 1 Founder is dropped, i feel like crying. It’s just my opinion, I don’t mean to offend anyone or show any lack of respect for the translating team or the author.

  9. Hi RWX, have you considered something like a Q&A or AMA for people who pledge? Also, you could send certain tiers of donors postcards from places you go every so often.

    Perhaps send out a weekly/monthly newsletter? Content could be what movies you’ve watched lately, books you’re reading, some music you like, or maybe more educational stuff, like interesting things you’ve learned in your travels or some unusual characters you’ve had to translate. You could even talk about your opinions on changes in the industry, or news stories that you find important.

    Personally, I’d love to hear what foods you’re enjoying, in addition to your trials and tribulations as you struggle to become the next Don Juan.

      1. *facepalm* I can’t believe I forgot that you already did that. Could still put out a regular newsletter though. Maybe save some of the stories you tell in chapter release posts for content?

  10. I think a cool addition would be a supplement to the Q&A where the supporter could ask for a 2 paragraph written response for a topic of interest. For instance which which are your favorite unknown novels, what the authors think of wuxiaworld, or a quick review of a novel you have read in the past.

  11. Also to echo above comment it would really be awesome to have a ad free version for patreon supporters! The ads constantly cause my iphone browser to crash and have to reload the pages.

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