New DE Chapter Release! Book 24, Chapter 3

First of all, thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes! I read all of them, and they really meant a lot to me! Also, thanks to everyone for your great support of my Patreon! Much faster than I thought, we hit the second benchmark, which means…it looks like we’ll be doing twelve chapters a week. Eek! And we’re already starting on the third target…maybe I should’ve put the benchmarks higher…too late for me now, I guess T_T

Book 24, Chapter 3 – Fogstone Planet. Enjoy!

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    1. I think it is because Ren is now getting at least $2000 dollar per month on patreonship, which is like $500 dollars per week. And i dont think it is 12 additional chapters, but 12 overall chapters per week.

    2. It’s cute how you said “per week” and then divided MONTHLY pledge amount by 12 <3

      And it's NOT additional chapters/week. Ren manages whole wuxiaworld, he can't translate as much as other translators.

      Yeah guys, I know 3 additional chapters per week from 3000$ goal will translate into 12 chaps/month, but he said "week, so it's irrelevant, kthxbye

  1. Happy birthday Ren. Party hard and forget a bit about all the business.
    You deserve a break more than anybody.

    It’s going to be 12 chapters per week from now on instead of 10.

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