New DE Chapter Release! Book 20, Chapter 32

Hey guys, here is your tenth and final chapter of the week! Book 20, Chapter 32 – Lifeblood Oath. Enjoy the read!

I’m pooped, spent a long, busy week in Beijing and just got back early in the AM today. Time for a good night’s rest. See y’all Monday!

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  1. this was a post i read on xxw translation website…shocked to see another website using the same translation posted in wuxiaworld, gravity tales and son on….

    Dear readers, this is our statement regarding the situation of (wwco).
    Recently, this website got discovered and its content has since been hurting the entire translation community, including our own website. Sadly, after investigating, we’ve discovered that wwco’s design, function, and coding, are strikingly similar, if not exactly the same, as ours.

    From our investigation, the reason behind these similarities is that is has been provided by one of our ex-computer technicians. This ex-team member has the rights to sell any and all of the technology that is directly related to himself. However, we’re unable to verify if he is indeed part of wwco.

    XXW very much regrets everything that has happened since the discovery of this website, especially our own lack of action towards the matter. At the end of the day, all we want is to provide a platform for our readers to enjoy the novel they enjoy. We, therefore, wish to make our apologies for our lack of taking action at an earlier stage in this matter.

    We, the staff, the editors, and the translators want to thank all our readers for their continued support.

  2. Dear RWX, please check the email-box for the latest mail i sent, thank you! 真的想尽快联系到您!我的发送人名称是 大可。来自中国吉林长春,关于在国内领域的合作,感谢您在百忙之中的回复!

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