New DE Chapter Release! Book 19 finished, FINALLY!

WHEW! Stupid-arse massive books. Finally, we’ve finished book 19! Book 19, Chapter 55 – Bowing Their Heads. Enjoy the read!

Usually, I do just eight chapters on a ‘book completion week’, so I technically still have two more to do, but this has been a reaaaaally long book so…we’ll see? 🙂

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    1. Connection error.
      You should do the rest of the story in a week.
      Haha. Impossibru!
      Take it easy, relax.
      Maybe the next book has more hype and you have to give us more chapters per week.

  1. Thank’s for the chapter!
    Even though I love this book you’re translating and hate not having new chapters to read on a daily basis,
    I say take a rest and come back on monday and enjoy a 2 day weekend with minimal work if needed. Everyone need’s a couple days off!

  2. Thanks for the translation Ren! Don’t worry about the “missing” chapters of this week’s count, as another poster has said this book was so long it’s almost two books’ size, and we’re all aware that fewer releases from you = really busy with some other stuff, most likely relevant to the well being of WuxiaWorld as a whole so I think we can all take a few less chapters this week (especially considering we had a 16 chapter week recently anyway!) and give you some breathing space. Take a break, have some rest! Start the new book on a full tank! 😛

  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    And I agree with most other people here, have the weekend for yourself and come back fresh at the start of next week. You work hard, reward yourself more!

  4. After this long book, and after all these chapters practically non stop, you deserve well more than a couple of days.
    I’d say take a week off. Take a vacation week or so.
    If you’d like, translate a few chapters while on break to have it easier the upcoming weeks.

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