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          1. Proud to see fellow wuxiaworld users who support Trump. It only makes sense since I imagine most here are of a Nationalism platform. Let us enjoy this victory.

    1. I was under the impression that Ren already lives in China, if he doesn’t already and will move from America I think China is still the obvious choice?

      1. If the legal system was decent, he’d already be in jail. Unfortunately he’s too steeped in corruption to reasonably go to jail, not even mentioning how it seems like he has teh senate and the FBI on his side. I honestly just feel pity for America. If even a fraction of what he’s said he’d do in the election goes through, America is gonna burn.

          1. It’s cute how you say things like that as though the isolationist narcissist we elected can be considered anything better than a sidegrade to the power grubbing sociopath we almost elected.

          2. He’s for slaughtering innocents (take out “terrorists” families, while anyone with any sense knows that if the US tried that probably around 95-99% of those killed would be unrelated innocent civilians, but who cares since they’re another color, right? He can even be called an advocate of state sponsored terrorism, if not a terrorist himself), wants to bring back torture (and I quote “even if it doesn’t work” while having free access to the knowledge that most people the USA tortured are innocent people and torture doesn’t work), it’d be a miracle if he doesn’t repeal gay marriage rights and oppress minorities (indirectly obviously, probably via funding, like how since Flint Michigan has minorities they haven’t gotten their lead problem fixed yet, and yes that it a race problem), he’s endangering the entirety of humanity by claiming that climate change is a hoax, he’s making tax cuts that will sink the USA and then the world economies, he’s going to repeal ObamaCare which will result in millions of Americans losing their insurance and rates to rise even faster because of deregulation and no more competition (indirectly murdering thousands each year).

            All of those things are things almost certain to happen because of him not having any checks or balances as is. GOP politicians have their careers riding on Trump not abandoning them, they’re almost certain to not oppose him, and both the Senate and the Supreme Court are going to be ruled by conservatives who are notorious for ignoring the constitution. I hate Hillary and most of what she stands for, but in terms of how bad they are they’re not even in the same league.

            I’m not going to reply to anything here because it’s certain to get nasty really quickly and I don’t want to see that here on WW.

  1. lol at the Light who posted a wall of text and end with “i am not going to reply … because it’s certain to get nasty…”

    thought i point out how ironic it is

    1. A wall of text indeed even though its full of facts that can only be fought with subjective arguments at best, meanwhile fellow californians should vote and support #Callexit the referendum of the year where the great state of california goes independent being the 6th biggest economy in the world and more if you count it will no longer be providing federal funds to support the rest of the country

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