New DE Chapter Release! Book 19, Chapter 22

Hey guys, here’s the ninth chapter of the week! Book 19, Chapter 22 – Negotiations. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored once more by Cedric F, so a big round of applause for Cedric, please!

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    1. Ren is busy, not only does he have to translate DE, he also has lots of site managements he had to do, not mentioning all the behind-the-scenes work he had to do to prolong the life of translators on WW, this might be the reason why he took all that overseas trip.

      Other series might not even get 3x a week please think it through before commenting, translating is a LOT of work, I assure you. You don’t know until you have tried just how difficult translating is and how taxing it is on your mind. Translating 1-10 paragraphs is different from translating a big 2000 words chapter. I know you love DE, I do too, but do know that translators like DB are like a drop of water in the ocean, and although Ren is as good as him, he is very busy now that it makes me happy if he could still have the time to translate 10x a week.

    2. While it may not satiate f5 sect members, 1-2 chapters a day is already very good. The quality and consistency are excellent. Do you really want rushed translations that you’re better off having not read? Or long hiatuses that you don’t know when will ever end?

    3. You really shouldn’t use ISSTH as an example of translation speed, as Deathblade translates about 10x faster than the majority of translators. He’s by far the exception and not the norm, RWX is already much faster than the normal rate.
      Don’t whine, as it never has a positive effect, only a negative one. It takes hours to translate a single chapter properly, so what Deathblade is doing is basically a full time job over 40 hours a week, and RWX isn’t getting paid to translate DE.

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