8 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 2” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you for the chapter.
    Is one chap a day the new official release rate t?
    I think it was suposed to be temporary but it has last for a whole month, I’ve been following for a while and I think it’s the first time this happened with Ren’s releases, even when he was working full time.

    It’d be nice to know if it’s changed, I get it, life takes over and all that, or maybe you got burned out, or liked the taste of freedome 🙂 but it’s easier for us the readers, to know what to expect rather than coming back a few times a day to check and be disappointed.
    That way I know for sure that when I get my chap, I’m done for the day.
    Please let us know.

    1. I usually don’t do chapters on weekends at all. I only did one chapter on Saturday and Sunday because I owed you guys one from Monday/Tuesday. My rate is 10/week.

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