New DE Chapter Release! Book 14, Chapter 15

So want to hear something funny?

It’s bleepin’ hot in China right now where I am (around 36 Celsius)…and several hours ago, my power suddenly completely died and shut-off, right as I was translating. This, as you can expect, got a big ‘aww, FRICK’ out of me. Thankfully, I’m in a fairly modern building, so power outages usually only last half an hour or so before they fix it. I was sleepy anyhow, so I lied down for a nap in the (still-cool) room, expecting the power to be back when I was up.

I finally got up hours later, completely sweaty, with no power at all. I waited…and waited…and waited…then finally, I had enough. Asked around, got the number for this building’s management, called them to yell at them and…”Sir, you’ve overdrawn your power bill account.” ARGH!!!

FML. Not my week. Sigh.

Book 14, Chapter 15 – Enemy. First chapter of the week! I’ll try to do better than I did last week, but no promises.

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  1. Overdrawn your power bill account?
    You mean it’s like an outdated cellphone monthly plans where you have a limited amount of minutes and you can’t go over, except this is with KWH ?Oo

    1. Kinda, yes. It’s more like, you charge XXX amount into it, then you have money deducted from it as you use it, and are supposed to recharge it before it hits zero.

      1. I want to ask the meaning of that “word” to.
        Hmm. So actually it similar to prepaid electricity system in my country.
        The post paid payment bring trouble to the state owned electricity company because people tend to delay the payment

          1. Its easy to manage your money right? Well when there is no notification or some warning signal these thing will surely happend, i think most of asian use this kind of system. At my place we use it too

          2. How do they cut the power? Do they send someone or is it done remotly?
            And how long did it take them to restore your power after having credited your account?

          3. You recharge it and it comes back on; the cutting is done by the building itself, not the power companies.

          4. 35degrees celsius coming to us in germany at thursday the day where i will have my last test for my Abitur(basically the same as highschools aka the last step before studying) so i am going to suffer too 🙁
            PS: greetings from germany and have a nice week 😉

          5. That prepaid system would not fly here, but of course this is back in the states. How was it was when you were in CA? Over here I’m on a level plan so no matter if I go over or under, I still pay the same amount. Readjusted annually, but have been at the same rate for about 3-4 years with summers going negative and winters going positive. It’s been between 90-98F/32-37C for the past couple weeks here, just in time for the cws.

            You ever plan on moving back state side?

    2. Yeah they have it in the islands I’m from aswell. It’s this way because some people skip out on paying the bill thus causing the power company to lose money with no way of recovery . Therefore, power is prepaid in certain countries.

  2. I had once forgot to pay the bill on time but lucky I had an Inverter Battery which could still run the fan and lights for the night till the next day when I settled the electricity bill 😛

    Edit: Here its based on the amount you use that much you pay. But you have to pay within a time limit(15 days) of receiving your bill or your power gets cut.

    1. In my country (France) they aren’t allowed to cut electricity as it’s a basic necessity.
      If you don’t pay your bill, you have like 1 or 2 months before they can do something, and if you still don’t pay theb ill then the only thing they can do is put a limiter to 3kvA on your electricity meter (and of course take legal steps to make you cough up the moneyz). Meaning you can use lights, start the TV and let your fridge run but not much more unless it doesn’t use much power. If you go over the 3KVA limit the limiter heats up, shring, disconect your meter, and you have to wait 20 mn for it to cool down and expand and reconect the meter and you are good to go :p (I used to work for an energy provider).

  3. ugh…. this… I…. why do I feel like it’s a deja vu…. I feel like something happened to me like this….. hmmmm…. I think….. I don’t want to remember…..

  4. Strange system, but I guess it forces people to pay for everything they use and making sure they don’t end up with overdue invoices.
    I too suffer from heat. Last couple days it’s been 35+ celsius.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. In Israel there is no such problem. You’re paying at the end of each 2nd month (only 6 times per year). And if you don’t pay in time (there is like 10~15 day grace period when they call you every day and remind) they will just disable it for you.

  6. Aww… That sucks! I’ve also heard about the Chinese government limiting the amount of power you can use in certain cities because the pollution is so bad. Have you seen that near you?

  7. . . . . . . . . . You complaining about 36 Celsius as hot?

    . . . . . . . . . I wonder what you would do if you live at my place? It’s a constant 40~45 Celsius here at noon 🙂

    As for the bill, yeeeeeah I made it a habit to pay as soon as they’re out ’cause I tend to forget sometimes ^^U

  8. Yo Ren how are things going? Is stuff with webpage fixed? Also have you recharged your bill now 😉
    Anyway just wanted to ask are you going to continue translating 1 or 2 chapters per day? (5 or 10 chapters per week?). Just so i know how many chapters to expect ^^ Also if you will continue translating 10 per week you are already 5 chapters behind ^^

      1. In what frozen hell is that a bloody taboo ? This is a translation site, and he has not even given a reason as to why he has slowed down, other than he was losing between 1-9 Thousand dollars from ad revenue(which IMHO should go to chapter que but whatever) so other than that nothing has been said as to WHY DE has slowed down to 1 chap a day if you iz lucky punk.

        So stop being a twat trying to squash ACTUAL questions that will help the other adults here manage their time( do i need to check once a day or more often?) it’s common courtesy to Speak to the readers and let them know wtf is going on, which I have found rather lacking as of late( which often happens after people start receiving more money than they spend, which in some cases causes them to stop wanting to work extra.)

        but i digres, Ren HAS been a good stable translator so me harping on him might seem harsh to some of you, but it is 100% my right to do so and he should have to answer the people who are funding both the translation and helping with ad-revenue ( ever heard the phrase : the customer is ALWAYS right ?)

        But yeah I for one would like answers as to what is going on, not flaming or raging, just curious as to what is slowing down my enjoyment of a wonderful novel written in a language that i sadly do not yet possess the skill nor understanding to read.

          1. forgive him ren, there are nit–pickers all round the globe
            they feel it is justified to treat a translator as a salaried worker

  9. I was asked by my prof , who inspired you the most aside from your parents.. and i’m like .. ahhh .. it’s the author and translator of de. Just sharing tho, and i know how hot 36 is ,, im in a tropic!

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