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  1. Ren I am not sure if this a problem for only me or for others aswell. but on mobile my display keeps getting routed to where the adds are displayed by itself. I would be reading a chapter and then suddenly it moved by itself to where it’s ads are and I can’t move it back. Also pages don’t stop loading regardless of how long it’s been.

  2. Dear Friends, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter!
    Peace is a lie.
    。There are only flowers.
    。Through flowers I gain passion.
    。Through passion I gain strength.
    。Through strength I gain power.
    。Through power I gain victory.
    。Through victory my chains are broken.
    。The Aureate Sect shall set me free!
    Provisionary Outer Sect Disciple, Jack~

  3. Thank you for the chapter. Quick question to those who might have an answer. Does his primal twin share insights with original/fiend body? I only ask because I remember him saying he is focusing only on the sword, but I don’t recal a reference saying he is improving fast because he has two souls seeking the sword. Also a bit fuzzy on the split itself. His primal twin is only capable of ki techniques. Can his fiend body still use it? I think I remember his soul splitting and a new zifu palaces was formed with it.

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