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  1. Hi everyone, i was just curiouse about one thing, is there any web similar to wuxiaworld that is translating desolated era? As far as I know, there’s none. I dont know what the politics of wuxiaworld are for what im gona propose. I woudnt mind to translate Desolated era into spanish. And of course, as i dont know chinene so my source would be this translation, Is there any problem with that? I’d like to have the permission of RWX, the translator, as well as other couple things.

    And thanks for the chapter, of course.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Now that I’m caught up I need to find something else to read.
    Reading: DE, ATG, MGA, WDQK, TDG, CSG, Douluo, Shen Yin Wang Zuo, and finished Coiling Dragon.
    DE is my current favorite, any suggestions on other good books?!

      1. CSG is a good read. It is at gravitytales.com

        From here I’d say WDQK. It has a different cultivation system than DE, closer to ATG, but I like the mc more than ATG’s.

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