New DE Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 37

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the week, and a regular chapter to boot! Book 12, Chapter 37 – Sword Immortal Evergreen has been released. Enjoy the read!

FYI I have a good friend over this week from the States, so I may be slow to respond to comments, emails, or other things for a period of time. Thanks for understanding!

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  1. Patriarch Ren, what’s with this new ads that keep popping up in the bottom of the screen? It hinders me to post comments as it is taking up the space above the on screen keyboard, thus it blocks the comment box. As such, I can’t see what I type. And there is no way to close them in Landscape mode using my phone. The only way to close it is to go Portrait mode and then sometimes the [x] will appear, but it is so small that I always accidentally clicked this seemingly unsafe web link. So WW now rely on accidental clicks to generate revenue?

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