New DE Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 34

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter for the day! Book 12, Chapter 34 – A Mighty Divine Ability has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by Danny, Nam, and VP of France, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you for them!

13 thoughts on “New DE Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 34” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Nice! thx!
    Good thing there is 1 more chapter coming, this would be a huge cliff otherwise

    ps: i now have to come to hate weekends because there are no chapters from DE, it became my favorite somehow

      1. But at the same time I think, if he is not chosen where will the story go? Because there is nothing left for him in the Black White College (except Yu Wei, which I must say I totally saw that one coming because of Coiling Dragon) to learn and his master is not there either and Youngflame Clan won’t let him leave the capital without killing him, so I wish Lu Dongbin take him in ‘cuz he is awesome.

    1. i think he won’t get chosen. since doafather crimsonbright doesn’t seems like the specialist daofather for a sword immortal also it seems kinda early in the story what about dao compagnon Yu wei then if he goes away from planet and trouble with youngflame clan.
      i think later in story he will find daofather who is also a true sword immortal as Ji ning who will teach him. cause sword immortal is a grand dao of the sword but not heavenly dao. so i wonder under which heavenly dao would a granddao sword be under and i think such a daofather will later teach him.
      so for now i think emperor cause Ji ning has clash with youngflame clan and Lu dongbin hinted he wouldn’t let such a disciple genius go. in that way he can stay on planet and be together with Yu wei still also as dao compagnon.

  2. Hello, I first wanted to thank you for this beautiful novel that you translate.

    I wanted to know if you will translate 10 or 11 chapters for this week, because it seems to me you planned 11 chapters for this week, whose 4 being regular according to the release from chapter 26.

    But currently 9 out of 11 have been published, and you indicate us that the tenth chapter will be for this weekend in the release from chapter 32. Have you planned a eleventh chapter or not ?

    I’m myths’ fan, yet thank you very much for your super job about this novel.

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