New DE Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 30

Hey guys, this is the first chapter of the day, rather late for me! Next chapter in about 4 or so hours. Book 12, Chapter 30 – Desiring to Accept a Disciple has been released. This chapter was sponsored by anonymous and HV of Boston, so please consider joining me in a big thank you for them!

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      1. dont say it like that, you dont know what happened to him even if he really fell asllep He is doing amazing job. 2 chapters evety day is a lot, not everyone can do it. So just wait patiently and be thankfull.

        1. I am thankful but there’s still an expectation when expectations are stated. Disappointment happens when expectations aren’t met.

          Just because I’m disappointed in not meeting anywhere close to the 4 hours, its a localized disappointment. It doesn’t mean I’m not thankful overall.

          It seems like people don’t understand that just because you are thankful for a person overall that individual actions can be disappointing.

          Its like saying your disappointed in your parents for not keep that one promise then someone exaggerating the situation to you not being thankful for your parents at all.

          Also this is just purely a side comment not reflecting whether RWX has to do 2 everyday or not. Two chapters as a full time job is perfectly doable and not really considered a lot. Two chapters a day on top of a full time job is a lot and it was amazing that he was able to essentially do that for so long before.

          1. I can hear the death throes of all the F5 sect members that were/are expecting a chapter any time now

  1. I am a person who always thinks of the worst situation in moments like this. He could of gotten hit by a car, food poisoning, massive diarrhea, a craving for food that is sold out almost everywhere, or even worse the computer laptop or whatever he uses is broken and he needs time to get another one.

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