New DE Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 15

Surprise weekend release! I usually take the weekend off, but I feel as though these two chapters shouldn’t have to wait until Monday. I’ll get two chapters out this weekend, this one being the first! Book 12, Chapter 15 – Dire Circumstances has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by jusaz, so if you enjoyed it, please remember to join me in a big thank you for him!

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  1. Yeah. If you put the follow up chapter off until Monday, I might lose it. But I mean, I get it…

    Still, I miss the six chapter weekends. It feels sort of like you aren’t really paying as much attention to the site anymore? I don’t know, maybe. Just a feeling.

    1. @thejum: I can understand why you say that. I mean reading stories like this is very addicting. But we as readers should always retain an attitude of gratefulness. If I want a free weekend in my job, a translators wish to have some free time should be seen as equally important.

    2. Actually, I put more time into the site than ever before, just less time translating and more time on the backend work. We have five webservers and a database server that occasionally need tweaking, I am slowly negotiating copyrights with Qidian, I’m doing TLC for some other novels (like ISSTH), I’m reading up ahead on various other translations to keep an eye out for good new novels to bring to you guys, I’m working on getting more MGA officially published, I’m running various types checks on various ‘pirate’ aggregator sites to keep them from getting out of hand as well as investigating various legal protections and filing certain translation copyrights…there’s basically a ton of stuff that’s going on, but it’s all on the back and invisible, which is why it might feel like I’m ‘not paying as much attention’, but in reality, I’m spending more time on it than ever before 🙂

      1. I do get where he is coming from. I, and many more, first met you as a translator.

        Now, wuxiaword is much more and along with the expansion, your responsibilities grew. I get it, but there are still times when I feel like screaming at you and demanding more chapters, especially when some chapters finish with really, really good (and annoying) cliffhangs.

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