New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 34 + Batman v Superman was terrible

So first of all, I need to vent.  The Batman v Superman movie was absolutely terrible, and made even worse by how awesome the Christian Bale movies were.  I don’t mind movies that are stupid fun; hell, I don’t even mind Michael Bay movies or movies that are all SFX that don’t require me to think or have a great plot. What I really mind are movies that actively make me go, ‘Wait, what? But that’s stupid/makes no sense…’

First time in many many years I regret having spent my time and money on a movie. Strongly advise any friends who haven’t watched it not to.  I usually turn my nose up at critics who pan awesome fun movies…but in this case, the critics were right.

With that out of the way and off my chest, here’s your second chapter of the day, and a regular chapter: Book 11, Chapter 34 – A Gathering of Heroes.  Enjoy the read!

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    1. sorry but the movie was good and it include a lot of the the new batman universe you have to see a lot of the new batman series and movies to understand this story

      1. yeah..the movie is good, the batman in this movie was based on frank miller’s version that is to say a bit more dark and violent, most of the people wont appreciate this coz the frank miller version is not that popular..ben affleck did justice in this movie portraying batman ala frank miller..

        the plot was seriously lacking, i mean come on, batman is all set on killing superman to “save the humanity” and then stops cause their mother miraculously has the same name? Why the hell was the first half of the movie even relevant after that…. and whats up with lex luthers motivation, why was he so (for a SUPERvillian unbefitting) damn stupid?
        I guess you are either a diehard fanboy/girl, just haven’t seen an good movies or thought LUCY (terrible movie without any plot) had a really good plot… (sr for the criticism on lucy, still better than this)
        Or can you tell me in what way that movie was supposed to be good?

        1. Characters in superhero movies generally aren’t smart. A lot of them are just crazy, I honestly don’t understand why you are complaining about lex’s motivation being ‘stupid’. And I have already mentioned this but if you were actually paying attention, you’d know that the fight ended not because their mothers have the same name but because lois lane explained the situation to batman. Sure, batman was surprised when superman mentioned the name but that’s not totally nonsensical considering how much her death had haunted him.

  1. Still got to see that movie but dont have much hope about it being awesome either. And that while I’m generally easily amused..

    Thanks for the chapter. ^^

        1. I can agree that the movie itself was subpar but what people need to realize is that this movie was made to specifically lead up to justice league apocalypse where darkside makes an evil clone of superman and terraforms the earth. So really this movie was just a backstory of sorts.

    1. don’t watch it…….it is full of things that are irrelevant for the story
      1 minor example– Superman carries his father’s spaceship behind while jogging(idk exactly whom it belonged to..)…still don’t understand why…..and what happened to it
      I need to ask a question (SPOILER ALERT)
      In the last fight, why did superman use the kryptonian spear himself instead of giving it to wonderwoman? It felt like he wanted to commit die…

  2. Well, the movie is causing quite a ruckus everywhere really. Some people say it’s terrible, while others say it’s awesome.
    Still, i’m not gonna watch it anyway. I lost interest in movies and such.

    Oh, and thanks for the chapter.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’ve seen BvS a couple days ago in iMax. The plot, story, action sucked BIG, but the effects were very good.
    But yea, my recommendation to friends was to go to iMax or watch it at home, cause otherwise it isn’t worth the money

  4. Was never going to and will never go see that movie haha it looks so oooooo bad even from the trailer I mean come on batman vs superman? HA I’m not spending my money on that haha but really such a bad movie

  5. I respectfully disagree, the movie was awesome and I think Affleck’s batman beat batman begins batman for sure.

    The tone of the movie wasn’t fight, fight, fight… it was fairly political which to me is thought provoking.

    1. The actors were fine, although Lex Luthor needs to done down the cocaine use…it was the inanity and stupidity of the plot that got to me. Too many things that made me go, ‘wait, that’s stupid’. I can write an essay, but it’s not worthy of one 😛

      1. I personally liked the characters / actors a lot. Effects & fighting scenes were also great (except doomsday)

        But I totally agree on the plot, it was very weak.

      2. The plot … I agree, was all over the place. Spent too much time setting things up for justice league sequels, they forgot what they were doing in the first place.

        But you cant tell me you didn’t wanna go out and buy a big ass truck tire and a rope after you saw Affleck’s workout xD
        Was some Qin Yu style weight training.

  6. the director was zack snyder man, it was meant to fail..
    the problem is, all the movie thats gonna be released under dc comic banner are gonna be directed by him..wondering how many are gonna flop..
    zack snyder’s only movie which can be considered good is 300
    anyways, that’s that..thanks for the chapter

  7. I still thought overall it was a fine movie but it is not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, horribly edited and a bad script but had enough good scenes that I didn’t think it was a waste of money.

  8. While i haven’t seen the film. I’ve heard praise for Batfleck and there is some joke about Martha that has practically become a Meme already. Other than that? I hear it has good action scenes but the rest is very weak.

  9. It’s called “Batman v Superman”, of course it would be near impossible to make it a good movie. If they had called it “Batman and Superman”, they might have had a chance.

  10. It is not that the actor were bad, but mostly the script sucked big time, most of the decision made by the mc in this movie were so wrong and stupid, and I am kind of stuffed with all the big fight that destroy the city completely. Just the superman movie was good up to the point of the fight between superman and zodd, I would be be quite interested in the actual death count of this fight. Lex even told superman the big monster is there to kill him… why not go far away from any city right there…. The script even gave him a good explanation to do so…

    1. Aren’t most superhero fights destructive? Also, why are you expecting smart decisions from an inherently stupid character? I mean, he won’t let a mass murderer die but claims to want to defend earth and its inhabitants. What could be more stupid than that?

  11. well, I will wait till there is link to download the movie with bluray version.. 😀 at least I don’t regret for my money..
    thanks for the chapter..

  12. I would not consider it a great movie but It wasn’t that bad. And anyone who says that batman did not kill superman because their mothers have the same name is definitely just hating. Batman got surprised when superman mentioned martha but everything was settled only after lois lane explained the situation. Aside from superman using the spear instead of letting wonder woman have it, I did not notice any other major plothole. Granted, I wasn’t particularly thinking the events through because I do not expect a superhero movie to have a perfectly solid plot.

  13. Thanks for the chapter.

    BvS.. IMHO I could enjoy the show only if I didn’t attempt to understand the movie. Watch the movie like a 10 yr old kid would do. It was boring and torturing to the point that i repeatedly peek on my watch wondering when will the show end.

    Still, Batfleck are awesome and He is the best batman to date IMHO.

  14. I knew it was gonna be bad and this confirms it even more, you can usually tell how bad a product will be by how much they overhype it and this was super overhyped.

  15. not sure if you’ll respond to this

    but mobile redirects are getting really really really really really bad and its destroying my bandwith 🙁

    arguably worse than superman v batman being really really really really bad cus when you’re in a 3rd world country with <10kbps down and really want to read your novels …. it kinda sucks to get redirected every time I load a chapter

    just something to look into………………………

    thanks as always ^^

  16. That one scene where batman was fighting guys (the one in the trailer) in the building was the best scene of the movie. Awesome, badass batman right there.

    Unfortunately, everything else was pretty boring and didn’t make any sense. The whole movie was essentially a trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie and telling us who the villain would be (Darkseid).

  17. My biggest complaint about that movie is the fact that for a movie titled Batman V Superman, the two titular characters met each other only about 4 times,b arguably 3, and the amount of time they actually spend fighting each other in the 2 and a half hours duration of the movie amounts to less than 10 minutes.

  18. The truth is the previews have never given me the feels. When I see a preview that should be an epic and hear no gut wrenching lines/conversation….. bleeeurgh.

    So never expected much. Man of Steel wasn’t all that either

  19. only movie ever which made me leave early was watchmen. i really enjoyed batman vs superman and i am sure to buy it later on blu ray. i do get why people dont like it. with or without knowledge about the dc multiverse some things just dont make sense like doomsdays origin but you gotta admit that wonder woman was just awesome. as much as i hate ben asslick he is a good bulky batman. one that shows that batman isnt all about technik and gimmiks but just as much about muscle. but i dont hate myself enough to watch michael gay movies cause those transformers dont make any sense at all. transformers are just as crap as tremmors – land of the rocket worms – only with better effects. haha

  20. Well after the first one disappointed me I already intended to just watch this whenever at home and it seems like they took all the smaller issues from the first one and ballooned them with this.

  21. BvS, is a great movie…and the fact that it was terrible to you, it means it was not to your liking…. So let other people decide on themselves whether its a good movie or not.

    1. Though, he’s still allowed to voice his opinion in any way or form he so desires, cuz it’s the internet <3 (Not that you aren't allowed to say what you just said)

  22. Honestly, ever since Michael Keaton played Batman, all the movies that followed sucked. The Christian Bale reboot helped bring it back from mediocrity. I never expected much out of the superhero/comic book movies these days. If you don’t like this movie, what a few years, Hollywood and Disney will reboot every movie/series under the sun these days.

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