New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 30

Hey guys, here’s Book 11, Chapter 30 – A Loose Immortal Dies! This chapter was once more sponsored by viperz60, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you for him!

Not sleeping until the next one is out…

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  1. Thanks for the hard work… But maybe you really need the rest since you skipped updating the chapter… It happens… Just another sign that you need rest and fast..


  3. This hasn’t happened in awhile, I think Rens computer is rebelling and won’t let him update the chapter. Thanks for the update when you get to fixing the update Ren. ;P

    1. you could be right or it could be that those raws ain´t right.. who knows, only the true overlord knows!!
      we shall await his response!!

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