New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 26

So umm….sorry! This should’ve come yesterday but I…well…okay, I’ll fess up, I was busy playing with my new toy, and by the time I realized what time it was…*cough*

As always, I’ll make it up to you guys on the weekend.

Book 11, Chapter 26 – Provocation has been released! This chapter was sponsored by RM of Michigan, DP of North Carolina, and Nam, so big thanks to them are owed!

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  1. I dont understand the hype of a new pc… Or maybe it’s because I sit under mine almost 24/7…
    Well not just mine, I also build one pc every couple of weeks… In any case I guess your first time with her was nice?

  2. Hi Ren
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    Enter your existing account password.<<<
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  3. First, thanks for the chapter!

    Second, it seems like another missed chapter :(.
    I would recommend you finish this book and the take 1-2 weeks break to get your things in order, play with your new toy, stockpile chapters :), etc.
    This new trend where you miss deadlines and try to recover in the weekend just isn’t working for me. I don’t want to end up hating you. I’m a perfectionist and I hate when someone misses deadlines in general, not to mention multiple times in 2 weeks.

    So take some yourself time, relax and then come stronger than ever.

  4. Thank you for the work!! I just been wondering about this for a while but why isnt their a wuxiaworld app ?? I think it will be favorable to have one then again i could be wrong it was prob mentioned but i missed it or their is one but i didnt find well thanks if anyone can enlighten me !!

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