New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 24

All caught up! Here’s your third chapter of the day, a second regular chapter for the week. Book 11, Chapter 24 – Invitation. Enjoy the read!

For those of you who are curious, see below for a pic of the rig.  No time to play with it today, but tomorrow, yes!  Myself, I like the clean build and wiring, although it could do with a lil more sexing up, methinks…unnamed

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      1. Ren u should organize some gaming events for f5 sect maybe in Blade n Soul or preferably Tera
        ur comp looks neater than mine tho, maybe because me and my friends built it

  1. Very nice! What case is that?

    And oh, it’s a slightly different Zotac, is that the AMP Omega? The AMP Extreme has white lights and (somehow) even larger @[email protected]

    Edit: Oh the 980 AMP Extreme looks like yours, the 980Ti AMP Extreme is the larger one with the white lights. But then again I’m not aware of the various models they have (they sure have a lot).

  2. There is a translating mistake.
    It either is belonging to the black&white College(which makes more sense) or longing for the black&white college
    thx for translation 😉

  3. Hi, Ren big fan of yours, thats why i registert to tell u that the way the computer is build will probaly not last for more than the waranty period. Reason is the voltage regulators are with skylake not in the cpu anymore. They are on the motherboard on the left side of cpu or above. They are usely cooled paasivly but with water cooling they dont get any airflow whatsoever. So they slowly die becouse they dont like to be warm. After the waranty is usally the time for them to die.
    planned obsolescence! So i would place a 80X80 fan for 10 bucks in a way that it blows on them. Problem solved the pc lives for 5 + years. I do this work professionaly so i know what i am talking about.

    1. It’s not a skylake CPU. And I do not agree with your claims about the voltage regulators anyways. If anything, taking them outside will make them run cooler and allow for a better dissipation of the heat.

      1. while in cpu they were cooled by the cpu cooler. Outside they dont get any activ cooling at all. Witch the case fan u wont get any cooling effekt on these becouse the airflow passes them but its like a river which is flowing close by. Actually we dont have to discuss it, its very easy to check by urself. Play some game/benchmark for 30 min than touch them. Than u will know wheater the cooling is any good. Also check the passic cooler of motherboard chip.

        1. RWX has a 4790K which is Haswell Refresh, the VRMs are internal. So yes they are cooled by the CPU cooler.

          Passive cooling does not mean bad cooling. I can run my computer mostly passive cooled (all fans off) while doing light tasks with no harm.

          His mobo (as he stated in other post) is here:

          It has plenty of passive cooling.

          Touching is a bad test, you do realize most power components get very hot on the motherboard right? The PCH alone can be 98C-120C on average which is normal and within spec. The coils and chokes can reach hot temperatures as well. Touching them will always be hot to your fingers.

          I doubt you want to touch my VRMs and other power regulation on my dual Xeon E5-2690 v3 (135W TDP per CPU) driven mobo (Asus Z10PE-D8).

    2. He should be moderately okay with the case fan low to that location. Using a pull method rather than a usual push. Push over the CPU socket area is certainly better though so yes an added fan would help in the long run.

      I of course fully agree with you about airflow in a case, but with that setup it isn’t too bad. With regular dusting it should last a plenty long time. I personally dust bimonthly.

  4. Some simple things to spruce it up a bit would be some lights. If you want a red theme you can go with that, or RGB so you can change them with a controller/motherboard.

    If you are a more daring DIY guy, you can take the 980s cooler apart to paint the green accents to red, possibly without voiding the warranty. And if you go this route and care for the warranty, look for removable paint (eg PlatiDip)

    1. He has an AIO liquid cooler. Liquid coolers still need fans to move air through the radiators. And they actually use more energy since you need to run both the fans and an additional pump!

  5. Hopefully Ren won’t vanish into some “closed door cultivation” with his awesome new gaming rig… we all know how long those “cultivations” lasts. XD

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