New DE Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 23

Hey guys, here’s your second (of three) chapters for today!  Book 11, Chapter 23 – Fivecraze Arrives has been released.  Enjoy the read!  This is a regular chapter that does NOT count against the queue.

Sorry this came slightly late; my desktop computer finally arrived, and I spent most of today tinkering with it, doing everything from un-installing the crap-ware that it came with (the Chinese are as bad in this regard as Dell ever was), upgrading the Windows 7 to Windows 10, installing all updates, all my software, getting my Steam back in, etc. etc.  I now have a sweet, silky-smooth computer with 16 gb of 2400 mhz Corsair RAM, an i7-4790k that I’m itching to overclock (mmm), and best of all, a sexy new Zotac GTX 980 TI graphics card.

This actually will make a big difference for me, because I’ve been typing on laptop for the past three months now, and it shows in the number of typos I make, esp. compared to the past.  The fact that it is also awesome for gaming has no relevant whatsoever.




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  1. LOL! Enjoy your gaming machine!

    You’ll run 16GB of RAM and maybe even an SSD and wonder “why does it take so long to xxx? Shouldn’t I just run a RAM-drive and be beastly?!!?!”

      1. HOLY SHIT ren HOLY……SHIT

        sorry can’t help it. i helped someone put together a rig a few days ago same things except your HDD is WAY better then his enjoy it hahaha. congratz!!!!

          1. I wouldn’t overclock it right now. Let it stay the way it is for couple of months(2, 3 tops). Then you can overclock, the reason for that is that new parts usually cant take it right off the bat, and break easily.

            -Right, how I know this? First, my occupation is as a IT engineer.
            And secondly, My own experience as a pro-gamer and a youtuber…

            Man the ammount of parts that had to be replaced when I just began gaming professionaly… All that money makes me want to cry T_T

  2. aww, im jealous 🙁 mine is quite old and to turn it on i even have to go straight into the box and hit 2 points inside the computer to turn it on, quite frustrating that even my start button doesn’t work – well if i hadn’t spent my money on all kind of.. ehh, forgetables, i’d be able to afford one 🙁

  3. Which Zotac did you get? The AMP Extreme? If so, I got one as well, that thing is a BEAST! Congrats on the new computer.

    Now it’s time to get your a super nice mechanical keyboard if you don’t have one already. You might like one with Brown switches since you don’t type so much.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Yup, that’s the one! I think I’m just going to get a set of Razor keyboard/mouse. I don’t do a lot of FPS or MMORPG’s, so don’t need too many random things xD

      1. Man, I’ve never had good luck with Razor stuff. I have a Logitech G600 for my mouse (actually two). CMStorm Trigger and Noppoo Lolita for my keyboards. Could check out the CMStorm QuickFire, pretty solid board for the price.

  4. In regard of typos all i have to say that it is only a matter of Keyboard.

    But i suspect noone in the world wants to part with the mobility of laptop by draging a keyboard with yourself, only for the sake of typos…

    I know what i’m talking about because i use PC, Console, Laptop, Tablet and smartfon sitting beside one desk and actually what i lack is not space but more gear.

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