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  1. What does the current schedule for DE look like? Cause I’d love to know when to expect consequent chapters and not turning into a disciple of F5 sect. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Ren, I really appreciate that you are translating DE for us and would still do even if you’ve halved your pace, but my heart gets anxious when I visit ww expecting a release of a chapter or two and don’t see any 🙁 Anyways, thank you very much and please, inform us if you need to slow down or get some (well deserved) rest ; ) again thanks!

    1. ^ Same

      Im quite confused on how the schedule works, most of the times its consistent, other times there is a 2 day gap. I see that the sponsorship is 10 dollars under, but I thought there was normal releases that don’t have anything to do with the queue, which I suppose is the part of the schedule i’m confused about. Id appreciate it if you could please clear that up if its not to much trouble. I’ve tried searching for answers on my own and haven’t succeeded. I was looking for any comment indicating the pace of releases, like chapter 2 out of 7 weekly release or something. Of course, being human and all, i’m prone to missing things. So I apologize if this answer is already out there somewhere.

      And I feel the need to clarify that i’m not trying to grill you or anything, just genuinely trying to increase my understanding of the releases. Its just, since that post about banning people, I find it that some of us are reluctant to ask questions about certain things, worrying that someone might take it the wrong way.

      Anyways, thanks for bringing us chapters to read, its a great story.

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