New DE Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 24

Hey guys, here is your second chapter for the day, and probably the last chapter for the week (we’ll see how much free time I have this weekend, and if the queue fills up)! Book 10, Chapter 24 – Enmity Born From Genocide has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by an anonymous donor and SK of Dubai, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a round of applause for them! Thanks!

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  1. Not sure where to ask this so I’m gonna do it here. Is there any chance of wuxia translating Swallowed star? In my opinion it is a great story that is barely being translated and I was just wondering if you could take it over or something.

    1. Translation poaching is heavily frowned upon in this community (for good reasons that Ren has outlined repeatedly) so if it’s already getting translated (even if slowly or badly) I doubt anyone at wuxiaworld would try to take it over. More importantly, everyone here already has a project, none of them are caught up with the releases in the original language (altough it seems like TDG might be soon due to the author taking it slow at the moment) which means they probably wouldn’t consider picking up another project. The most likely possibility for that title to show up on wuxiaworld would be if the project along with its translators get brought over, but from what you said it doesn’t sound like they meet the wuxiaworld entrance criteria.

      Disclaimer: this is just my opinion as a long time reader here and doesn’t represent the views of any of the translators here.

    2. It is being translated at a reasonable pace, slow and steady. Translation poaching is a very hateful thing to the community. You will sow bad karma merely for suggesting it, what to speak of doing it! If you feel the translator is unreasonably slow, it would be best to contact that translator personally 🙂

  2. the pubs are going worse and worse can close quickly some but some
    are just impossible to close … the best part of the site are hidden under pubs ..

    well thats what i feel when im not logged in – just create an account if you feel the pubs are too annoying .

    But the overhead pubs are too much 1st thing you see when coming on the website
    it just doesnt seem right

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