New DE Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 18

Hey guys, here is a second chapter of DE for today! Book 10, Chapter 18 – The Dao Repository of the Ji Clan has been released. Enjoy the read! This chapter was sponsored by DL of Washington, tamashii and CD of Belgium, so if you enjoyed the chapter, please consider joining me in a round of applause for them!

On a side note – For those of you who upgraded to Windows 10 (esp. those who use Windows 8), how is it? I’m considering upgrading, but I’m worried about backwards compatibility with my old docs, programs, Steam games, etc. Any tips?

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  1. Thanks Ren!
    And I’ve had no problems with Windows 10 so far. All my Steam games and other games work just fine, the Windows 10 interface is good, and it hasn’t slowed down my laptop at all. If your programs work on Windows 7 or later, I’m pretty sure they’ll work with Windows 10 too.

  2. License copies should be okay with Win10, sadly, all illegal things might get busted
    But i’m not entirely sure, as I still on my Win7 xD

    Though you might test it as a “virtual machine”

  3. I just bought a new computer this weekend and put windows 10 on it. I haven’t had a problem with it on this computer or my old one. Cant really find a single fault with it when comparing it to windows 8 or 8.1.

  4. Ren, my personal problem is with Windows 10. Its extremely buggy. My start menu breaks half the time. My sound will break. Sometimes my wifi cuts out for no reason. I used to use 8.1 and had MUCH less issues with that. It feels like Microsoft gave us a free upgrade to Windows 10 to beta test it. It could be good but I would highly recommend you wait till you upgrade. Like near the end of the free upgrade at least.

        1. I feel you, Bro. A month after I upgraded to Windows 10 my laptop stopped detecting the WiFi adapter in it. Now it’s as if it’s a laptop which didn’t have a WiFi adapter to begin with. I’ve checked out quite a few reviews of 10 across the net & my conclusion is: Some people are lucky & don’t face even a single issue with 10 while the others are so unlucky that all sorts of issues crop up after upgrading to 10. My experience with 10 was & is still buggy. If any don’t believe me go Google about Windows 10’s issues. (This is one of the major issues bothering. Oh, & believe me when I say just one of them. There are many other issues apart from this. Just Google for them. Though just try & upgrade as you can downgrade to your old OS within a month. There’s an option in the settings that if you don’t like Windows 10 after using it you can downgrade to whatever OS you had earlier which is valid till a month. After that you can’t downgrade easily with the press of a button.)

          1. Yeah I got a wireless usb adapter to fix my issue. Was dirt cheap on amazon and about the size of a penny. Works like a charm. Now if it freaks out on me all I have to do is pull it out and replug it back in. Sometimes restarting fixes it too.

          2. That sounds heavily like driver issues too, when was the last time you did a clean install of you windows?

          3. i dont mean reinstalling the same driver, that would be dumb (since you would reinstall the same driver that makes problems) i meant updating to a newer driver version of the driver for whatever hardware you would be having problems with, you dont know how many reasons there are why your wifi doesnt work.

          1. Bro, it’s no driver issue. I unistalled the drivers & reinstalled them again but still it didn’t detect the WiFi adapter. I’ve googled it & it seems quite a few are facing such issues.

  5. thanks for the chapter. On windows 10 … it’s not too bad … can’t use somethings I used to use in win 8, but I could use some programs from Microsoft that hadn’t worked since before windows 7 … so I guess it’s about your priorities. I know I left one computer on windows 7 just because it had way better network tools the 8 did, but I found them available in 10. I know the “upgrade to win 10” in win 7 sure acted like a damn virus though … when I just wanted to leave it alone …

  6. Been doing fine on my comp using Win 10 after upgrading from 8.1. Can’t use win 10 on my laptop cause it doesn’t work with my built in wireless adapter so when I upgraded I couldn’t use the internet and had to downgrade it back to win 7 but it did warn me that it might do just that so at least I was forewarned I just wanted to test and see.

  7. I have had no problems whatsoever with Windows 10. I actually like it a lot more than Windows 8. I’ve heard that others have had problems with it, but I have seen better performance once I upgraded from 8.1 to 10.

  8. For me win10 works perfectly fine the only issue I had is with Solid Works, which I had to clean the files and reinstall but other than that all my programs, documents and pictures works without problem.

    And I been having a lot of issues with itunes to sync my music library to my iphone… but I’m pretty sure is not a problem with win10 but a bug on itunes.

  9. Everything works fine with Win10 but for my personal choice I wont change till the Win7 stopping getting updates, I just dont find a reasonable reason to change to W10 yet.

  10. I just took the opportunity to hop to Ubuntu Linix. Hoo boy is there a learning curve – but none of the “issues” that Windows 10 users are reporting. Also… free! And I would have need well over $1k of freshly licensed programs to do my job if I’d “upgraded” to 10 instead.

    1. Why would you need to get new licenses for your software?

      I work in engineering and HPC, my computer is loaded with licensed software. It was a bit of a hassle with one or two programs, but in the end there were no problems with transferring all the licenses.

      More to the point… how does this not apply to your switch to Linux?

  11. Back up your files on a seprate drive thats not hooked up when you do the update. my dad’s external was hooked up and we haven’t been able to get to the music and video files since the update

  12. Switched from 8.1 to 10 about ~6 months ago.

    As far as I can tell, Windows 10 at this point is just a better version of Windows 7, 8/8.1, etc. I have had exactly zero problems. In regards to compatibility, from what I’ve seen – if it runs on Windows 8.1 then it will run on Windows 10.

    If you are concerned about privacy, you should spend 5-10 minutes tweaking the privacy settings. That’s the only downside I can think of, at least within my own experiences.

  13. Win 10 is great, after you removed all the privacy stuff Microsoft jams in the OS.

    Right after installation, you should download SpyBot Anti Beacon. It’s a program that automatically removes all the known services/process that Microsoft employs to get at your privacy.

    Then follow this Youtube, guide and make sure you do most of the things listed to get the most out of Win 10

    After, it’s smooth sailing from there.

  14. Thing is Ren, you’re gonna need to update sooner or later. You can’t really permanently stay on an outdated OS. That’s my attitude towards updating.

  15. Hello Ren!
    Thank you for the chapter!

    For your question about Win10:
    So far I’ve upgraded about 8 PCs – half from Win7 and half from Win8 – my own Dell Notebook was Win8.

    The Upgrade Process was a problem for some notebooks – there I had to manually disable certain processes for the thing to go through till the end. Once the upgrade was successful, there have been not more stability issues on any of the machines – in fact there were less. Over all system stability seemed to have improved.

    I recommend to have a look if anyone has already made the “jump” with your system (e.g. your notebook type) and maybe you can find a list of issues.

    Steam did not seem to mind the upgrade at all.

    If you have any questions or problems in detail, feel free to ask (you can send me an email too).

    Best wishes,

  16. All I know about windows 10 is that it auto updates, and every time it does (which is very often), it clears a good bit of your personalized settings, i don’t remember specifics, but i remember that there was a list on , just search windows 10 on there and it probably will be one of the most popular. Sorry I couldn’t be of a lot of help.

  17. Tips:
    1.) If you can do it, perform a clean install of Windows 10 (if you have a valid license).
    1.b.) If you have a *licensed version*, upgrade it first to get a free legitimate license THEN perform a clean install.
    *Why the preference to clean installs? That’s because most installations that have a problem with Windows 10 is caused by upgrades leaving odd unupgraded drivers installed which conflicts with the underlying OS.

    2.) Use AT LEAST the 1511 version for the installation media. Get it here:

    3.) If you install the Windows Update versions of your graphics drivers NEVER install the non-Windows Update version after since they oddly don’t get along ESPECIALLY Intel GPU drivers.

    4.) If you’re going to link your computer to a domain, DON’T link your login account to your Microsoft account since there might be problems with the domain authentication afterwards.

  18. So Windows 10,
    I upgraded to windows then around 2 weeks ago, in the time i hadnt had any bluescreen/driver problems like other people. The upgrading went pretty smooth and took around an hour.

    Like some people describe, they have heavy problems with crashing etc. that is most likely driver problems, them being incompatible with windows 10 because they are too old. (Hadnt had a chance to see what the problems are though, since everybody i know that upgraded to win 10 had none)

    99% of programs probably wont have an issue, nearly all commonly used software is compatible and wont face any issues after upgrading.

    Your personal data wherever it may be on your pc wont be affected (likely only if you safe it in some spot within the system folders of your windows installation)

    There are some annoyances i faced though, Windows Updates.
    You are forced to install them, they autodownload and afterwards you are forced to shedule a system restart, which might not be a problem for many users, but someone who has stuff open that cant be force shutdowned in an instant its annoying.

    Microsoft Store: With windows 10 comes the integration of the Microsoft Store onto your System, since upgrading it hasnt worked a single time, it crashes, it behaves like on a tablet where your mouse is your finger that you swipe across the screen, while it constantly clickes everywhere. Conclusion it doesnt work.

    Explorer: The shortcuts got flooded with recently used folders. The windows menu is the place where you can add shortcuts too is flooded with stuff you dont use. As that its not the worst thing, since you can remove them.

    In all Win10 has many good things, it comes with directx12 which supports multi card (AMD and NVIDIA) SLI/Crossfire and many other things. Its free to upgrade and is probably the best windows that came out in a long time.

    In conclusion(TL;DR): You can upgrade and 99.9% chance you wont have any problems at all, there can be problems with the drivers but thats with every OS change, driver problems.

    Thanks for the chapter and happy upgrading 😉


  19. Brother Ren, I can only say one thing: Go ahead & upgrade to Windows 10. Remember, if you’re facing any issues or had enough of 10 you can downgrade to your previous OS without a hitch with the option available in the settings which is valid till a month from the date of upgrade. Windows 10 slaps some in the face with one issue after another while it doesn’t with the others. Hope you are one of latter group. Happy upgrade!!

  20. Personally I haven’t upgraded to windows 10 but some of my friends have upgraded to windows 10 (to their dismay). From what my friends have complained about and asked me to help with, I can say that majority of the games and software, if not all, have no issues with windows 10. The issues that my friends keep encountering are due to the drivers and hardware support for windows 10. Some of them lost their wifi and lan and ended up reformatting back down to windows 7 or 8 due to lack of workable drivers for their hardwares. Another one had issues with the lack of drivers for their sound card meaning he was stuck without audio for a while. Another one is ready to toss out her laptop because the GPU is now overheating to the point that the computer would shut itself down (Note this only happens with windows 10 and she wasn’t having any problems with windows 8). Also as a side note: the oldest computer they have are around 3 years old and most of them are using computers that were released less than a year before windows 10 came out so no, it’s not because they are using “old hardware”.

    My suggestion is to go out and buy a cheap hard drive to toss into your machine to put windows 10 on. Install windows 10 on that HDD and see how it works. Why not a virtual machine? Because that’ll only help you test if the software works and won’t be enough to test if you will have hardware issues since VMs uses a bridge from the VM to your main OS so it essentially ignores the hardware aside from what it uses to run the VM.

    Also rule of thumb for all windows versions: Wait at least a year or 2 for the companies to fix the hardware issues and discover any software issues before upgrading. “Early adopter” sounds great and all, but it’s just a glorified term for users who are essentially beta testers and guinea pigs

    1. O and before I forget. Don’t count on the “downgrade from windows 10” feature to work. It can move your documents and personally files without a problem since they’re just files but the reverting of the registry data is crap. That means once you upgrade to windows 10 on your main HDD, the only real way to downgrade is to backup the files to another HDD and reinstall windows 7/8 all over again

  21. My Pc runs like a dream on W8 so I’m contempt with that truthfully also my friend has bitched about w10 to me before so I’ve stayed in my safety bubble of W8 because of these reasons but if you feel like you’re losing speed the switch might help

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