New DE Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 11

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter of my today! Book 10, Chapter 11 – The Treasure Vault of a Celestial Immortal has been released. Enjoy the read! These next three chapters are sponsored by AT of Vancouver, so if you enjoyed them, please consider joining me in a round of applause for them!

Off to catch some quick zz’s; I’m going to be on a plane heading back to California tomorrow, so my posting hours may be extremely erratic. I still owe y’all three more chapters for this week, though, and I’ll get them to you!

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  1. California? I knew it, RWX is stalking me! I better not see someone standing outside my street. I will let the dog out, and he will lick you. Be afraid.

  2. Hi RWX. This is just a suggestion. It seems like you have some trouble posting 2 chapters a day for most days now and none on the weekends. How about changing it to just one chapter a day but making the releases more regular. But irrespectively thanks for the hardwork !

    1. Uma, please count the number of chapters I’ve done; there hasn’t been a single week where I’ve missed a chapter that I should’ve done (ie, at least ten chapters). Thanks! 🙂

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