New DE Chapter Release! Book 10, Chapter 1!

Hey guys, welcome to the start of book 10!  Book 10, Chapter 1 – Youngflame Clan has been released.  Enjoy the read!  This is the second regular chapter of the week, and as such does not count against the queue.

I have to say this every so often, but be nice, and for God’s sake, don’t try to clock your translators by the hour.  We’ve had a few new fans lately that don’t quite understand that I make sure this is a clean community for everyone involved.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes a bit at someone telling me it had been ‘thirty hours since my last post’, which makes me ‘a flaky b*tch!’  Newsflash – the final chapter of book 9 on the 23rd, a rest day on the 24th, and the start of book 10 on the 25th means I’m perfectly on time ;).  Silly comments only accomplishes to irritate translators slightly and get you and your IP on the shortlist to bans, so play nice, please!

EDIT – Locking comments here, because I wasn’t meaning to start a lynch mob on the supportive side either.  Just be nice, that’s all I’m asking.  Locked.

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    1. Wild LEECHER appeared! Enemy LEECHER used Rage Powder! REN is enraged! REN used Ban Hammer! Enemy LEECHER fainted!

    1. yep cant believe they are counting by the hours, there are some translations i count by days or weeks even months sometimes yet these ungrateful bastards are counting by hours?
      seriously need a life

      1. I may have a withdrawal syndrome if I don’t read some books, but to count by the hours shows that those b*tches doesn’t appreciate the translators. I means, its work that you have to spend some time to do and we’re actually at the translators’ mercy to get our fix and they went to irritate the hand that feeds XD

        Yeah, if I see some comment like that I’ll have to reply to them to translate the work themselves XD

  1. Thanks Ren!

    And damit! Who the hell does that? It’s not like you translators:
    A) don’t have a life and
    B) have any obligation to do this …

    I mean – we should all be HAPPY that we don’t have to translate this ourselves (which is a REAL pain and I guess for most also bad quality).

  2. Ren you ‘flaky b*tch!’ you should sleep more and don’t release chapters on time while taking care of your health 😀

  3. those people are beyond retarded.
    just ignore those mentally deranged fks that were obviously dropped as babies.
    even if you delayed your chapters for days I wouldnt complain its only a matter of reading it sooner or later
    which is better than never.
    i vote that you IP ban idiots that bich after not getting chapters for a few hours.
    I highly suggest you IP ban them, if one day those idiots get to you by biching all the time then all of us including we who wait patiently for your chapters will also suffer.

    1. I agree that they aren’t thinking, but I also don’t think that makes them deserve offensive titles and labels themselves. Could you try to keep the insults to yourself? Even if you mean well, it’s not really a pleasant thing to see.

  4. The more popular this site become the more peoples like that you will have sadly.
    Hopefully you won’t let them affect you too much, it’s better to take what they say as air and ban them right away.

  5. what i read in other comment sections on other translator pages is the worst kind of speech and makes a rotten reading-atmosphere….so please ban these vulgarities…..

  6. YAY! New book start! 😀

    As for the rest of the post comment… GET ‘EM OVERLORD! Thank you very much for picking this up for us. Just way too addicting of a story for me, and in the downtime between chapters I’ve almost caught up with every active novel on the site 🙂

  7. Dumb people say stupid things. Semi-anonymity gives false courage to a lot douchebags. Who wouldn’t say a tenth of what they do on the internet in real life. Why? Because they would get their butts beat down in a second if they tried.

  8. translator san take as many rest days you need don’t even pay attention to the idiots who clocking you.
    i enjoy this LN very much thank you and happy stress free translating XD

    1. Hey, at least Zebulin translates. And he gets a chapter out a week. That’s not even too bad.
      If you aren’t contributing to the community, I feel like you shouldn’t have a right to complain. People complaining does nothing except make the translators feel under appreciated and annoyed. And annoyed translators mean less chapters. So don’t complain.

  9. there are translators who do one every month or so for some projects there is absolulty no reason to complain about just a few days especially when Ren goes on those marthon days where he translates 3 or 4 a day

  10. Honestly one of the reasons I rarely comment is because of the negativity. Cause once I read it then it aggravates me and I don’t feel like playing white knight against some inconsiderate a**hole. So honestly I wouldn’t mind see more IP bans

  11. wow I can’t believe people would say that that’s pretty pathetic don’t let the troll get to ya Ren most of us appreciate your efforts and thanks for the chapter

  12. its not very nice, but flaky b*tch is just a hilarious term i’ve never heard. “youre late again you flaky b*tch” has a nice ring to it tho.

  13. Well, those guys can be banned and we can all be happy. Moving on from that, is it possible for you to put a clock on the site that says each translators timezone? Like on the DE page it says yours, ISSTH’s says Deathblades, etc? It can be confusing trying to keep track of who’s where and what constitutes their morning vs. afternoon. Might help keep the trolls away too, so long as they can properly read your donation information. 😛

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

    1. Nah, I feel like that would just incite people more. Like, “Dude, it’s already 11 pm for Ren/Deathblade/FBT/Jn/etc! Why haven’t they posted their chapter yet! Hurry up!” And it would just put more pressure on the translators.

  14. Ren, you’re already a well established old goat in the translation community, just tell the whiny b*tches to go jump from the top floor of the Burj Khalifa and land on a bicycle with no seat. Just remember that for every worm that annoys you, there’s 1000 of us who appreciate and fully support you.

  15. some people start to feel a little too entitled, a ban should set them straight. Thanks for the chapter. Hope you enjoyed your day off.

  16. I think as the community grows, the more douche would appear. If you can’t wait for the translator then find something else to do. I mean, read more novels. I’m sure you will have an awesome time waiting.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation Ren. You’re one of those translators I look up to. Aside from bringing quality work at a blazing speed, you also bring some humanity from the translator’s side. One classy guy.

  17. Ban with impunity. If people can’t be arsed to read your posts and know when you’ll be taking a rest, then they can just not bother following the site at all.

  18. Just remember that for every annoying fan there are 10 awesome loving ones and 100 silent ones…

    So don’t let an annoying minority push your keys and grind your nerves…

  19. Man, I dont know about you guys but I get ticked when chapters come in late… gets me so damn mad but I keep quiet because I know its difficult for you guys and manage to calm myself… just speaking the truth. Anyway, Thank you Ren!!

  20. Thanks for the chapter patriarch Ren … it’s ok those ignorant fools are just outer sect disciples who can’t recognize Mt. Tai when they see it so please smash in some sense with the ban hammer!

  21. Maybe they are just young people, you just have to be proud of your work and know that there is a lot more people that read you and appreciate your work but doesn’t comment very often. Thanks for the chapter, this is one of my favorites novels.

  22. Ren I’m happy that wuxiaworld has a kickass leader like you keeping the community great. Thank you for setting straight those whose Dao Hearts have succumb to impatience. Also as always thanks for all the chapters you translate. You are definitely one of my favorite immortals who have embarked on the Grand Dao of Translation. Keep up the good work~! [>_<]

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