New Chapter Released! Book 4, Chapter 21

New Chapter Released!  Book 4, Chapter 21 – The Dragonblood Warrior.  This chapter concludes Book 4, with Book 5 coming out soon!  Get ready everybody!  Enjoy the read, and remember to have Adblock off!

This 3500 word bonus chapter came courtesy of previous donations from JB, PS, GS, TL, MA, NZ, JV, CP.  Thank you so much for you support!

Also thank you for the new donations from RB in the UK, and NZ from Germany!  Your bonus chapter is coming up next!

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  1. Hey Ren I have an awesome suggestion how about you make an advertisement page like index home, about etc where you load a few advertisements that way people who don’t have money can go to it and just click on some of the ads if they don’t have the money to donate plus that keeps your website clean

    and have a Merry christmas and Thanks AGAIN lol

  2. Amazing work, just out of curiosity, are we going to see ad-powered bonus chapters aswell in the future?
    I’m not sure if you get enough revenue for that, but that’d be awesome ;D

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