New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 9

Good evenin’, friends!  So it ended up being a double four-chapter-day-weekend after all.  Maybe those people who took them for granted had a point T.T but I couldn’t let you guys off on such a cliffhanger, could I? xD xD xD.  This final sponsored chapter of the day is Book 9, Chapter 9 – Linley vs. Olivier.  If you enjoy it (and I think y’all will), please remember to join me in a warm round of applause for our noble donors who sponsored this chapter – DarkDevils, CO of Ohio, AndySerri, mercury_clown and MY of Texas.  Thanks so much guys!

EDIT: BTW, I think we are going to have to disable the hide/show comments feature, guys. I’m sorry, but in order to implement it correctly, we had to disable the Supercache plugin, but with the F5 mania that’s going on these days, the server spiking around post time is getting pretty bad. We need that plugin. Sorry gang!

Okay, weekend over.  Back to work tomorrow T.T . Cheers!

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  1. Thanks! I couldn’t have slept well without this.

    Apparently this was just posted, I checked again at a very good time.

    First weekend here, but I don’t take it for granted. I very much you appreciate someone sinking about 24 hours into entertaining us during a weekend, assuming 3 hours a chapter.

  2. Thanks so much Ren!

    Now I can actually finish my homework without having to check on here every 10 seconds or so xD

    Also, thank you donators for donating for this wonderful chapter!

  3. With the amount of hard work you put into each chapter us followers are extremely grateful. Have a good night bud. You earned it. Also is there anything you require from your followers?

  4. lol i thought every one that follow this series are use to cliff hanger, come on there basically a cliff hanger at every chapters, not to mention volume, i guess that how the author get so famous. he sure do know how to hook in the reader, i guess the author does this so he can maintain an audience over the years. ( i notice the most of his novel start slow in 5 volume then it go into hyper speed later on.)

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