New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 8

Hi guys! Had dinner yet? I’m about to, but before I do, let me present to you a long, loooong awaited chapter for some of you – Book 9, Chapter 8 – The Prodigy Sword Saint. Dun dun duuuuuun. Pondering if I should release a fourth day. I already did yesterday. Maybe I should take the night off? xD Anyhow, off to dinner! Enjoy the chapter, and if you do, please consider joining me in a warm round of applause for the generous donors who made this possible – SP of the UK, JS of Tennessee, JH of Sweden, BK of Germany, WM of France, and BB of Arizona. Thank you so much, guys!

<= Obligatory plug for turning off your Adblocker for Wuxia World. Oh man, starving. Dinner time!

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  1. Thanks Ren for the chapter and all those who donated to make it possible.

    Now you wouldn’t leave us on such an ending till tomorrow will you? That would just be pure evil…. and you are not evil? right Ren?… pretty please 😀 …..well you need a break at some point but wow is the wait going to be killer.

  2. Well why don’t u rest this time the next ch will be bigger cliffhanger so it better if you don’t do it last and have to wait a day for the rest 🙂 and tomorow we can see a Conclusion if you do 3 ch.

  3. i knew that little sh*t blumer had to die -.-

    now its a question of whether or not linley successfully uses his profound truths of the earth, to get in an unblock-able strike. but then that might be too quick a fight considering. but linley has his haeru on display if needed since its just the rest of his forces in hiding.

  4. Dude I have to make a small animation for school and I want to make it about coiling dragon………linely vs. Oliver…what to do what to doo….hmm ren…I got two months to make this lbut idk if I can handle or capture the epicness

  5. Ren, looks like you’re not going to clear that que anytime soon. Even if you’re not going to say, “que cleared”. Haha

    With that said, unless you’re that bored, take the rest of the day off even if this may be one of the biggest cliff hanger ever, you deserve it.

    1. Every $80 dollars donated to RWX, he provides a ‘bonus’ chapter. Every money donated goes towards the queue which has multiple times gone to amounts such as $1000+ dollars.

      Clearing the queue basically means RWX releases enough bonus chapter for the donation amount to reach $0 or less than a chapter’s worth.

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