New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 7

Hey guys, ready for your second sponsored chapter of the day? Ready or not, here it comes, and it’s a fun one! Book 9, Chapter 7 – Intending to Inflict Serious Wounds is now up! Read and enjoy, and if you do, please consider offering a word of thanks and a round of applause to our generous donor, Crushow, who sponsored this chapter. Thank you so much, Crushow! And as always, thanks to every reader who continues to support this translation by continuing to be fans!

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  1. How much of a bad-ass can Linley get? Tang-san from Doulou Dalu is also going bad-ass, Qin Yu from ST also did something bad-ass. Every body is going bad-ass it seems, but why does this excite me so much? 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hi ren
    Thanks you and donors for this chapter but, I’m sorry, I have to ask you if we can expect another chapter in 3-4 hours ? With ending like this I won’t be able to fall asleep and that is problem because my time is UTC+1 ! 🙂 But don’t overwork yourself if you can’t make. The worst that can happen is I will be drowsy whole day in work 😀

    See ya in few hours and sorry for my english.

    1. Hi Inousha! Yes, I should be able to get another chapter out in about 4-5 hours (I need to eat dinner too). Thanks for registering and joining our community!

      1. for me it’s like i have to wait till 5 am for the last chap , but i have school tomorroww , so i prefer to sleep , and read the chap first thing in the morning

    1. Sorry, chatango isn’t allowed on Adsense supported networks. I would have to give up Adsense, and that’s currently paying for the hosting bills 🙂

  3. Ren, I’ve been wondering if you’ve already read it and decided to translate it or if you’re experiencing it for the first time with the rest of us.

    1. Hi Mercury_Clown, I have already read the novel! I wouldn’t translate something I haven’t read, because translating takes a lot of effort, and what if later on the book started to suck? xD Anyhow, thanks for registering and joining the community!

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