New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 47

Evenin’ friends! Here is your third and final sponsored chapter of the day; Book 9, Chapter 47 – Establishing A Base in the Anarchic Lands. Enjoy the read! If you do, please consider joining me in applauding our generous repeat donor, chronos5884, for being so generous as to sponsor this chapter as well as the next one, Chapter 48. Thank you so much, chronos5884! And readers, I always wish to thank you as well for your continuing support of Wuxia World and Coiling Dragon! Okay, I’m off to bed now. I have a BUSY day planned tomorrow. See y’all then!

EDIT – Oh, and before I forget; special thanks to EODBull and WH of California for your birthday gifts! MUAH! You guys rock! 😀

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