New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 36

Hope you guys had fun with our little ‘Fun With Translations (part 3)‘ interlude!  And now, back to our regular scheduled programming.  Book 9, Chapter 36 – Reynolds’ Crisis has been released!  This was a group sponsored effort, so while you enjoy the chapter, please consider joining me in a round of applause for the generous donors who made this possible; CB of New Zealand, WH of California, DM of Australia, NA of North Carolina, Bundak, Flipnautic, and DG of Germany.  Thank you all so much!  And thank you readers for your continued patronage of Wuxia World!

Let me briefly remind our new friends, as always, that this is an ad-supported website, so if you choose, you can help support us by turning off your Adblock so our ads show up. Thanks all! Okay, dinner time, then the third and last chapter of the day!

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