New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 35

Good morning everyone! Super early chapter this morning, because when I woke up, I got the news that we are shut down for snow today. That means all morning was free for translation instead of work! Here it is, Book 9, Chapter 35 – Target: Anarchic Lands! Enjoy the read, gents, and if ya do, remember to consider joining me in a big thank you to dc, who so generously sponsored this chapter! Thanks, dc!

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  1. I’ve always found it funny when everything shuts down just because of a little snow… here in Sweden it has to come down like 50cm+ overnight to shut anything down and even then it’ll start up in the afternoon again

    1. Yeah its the same in denmark but i guess its because they dont have the infrastructure to deal with it like we do! i belive i read somewhere that its actually cheaper to just shut down for the day then it is to build up the infrastructure to deal with it

    2. same her live at the moment in the mountains (in germany) like 500 meters high and if it snows here nothing closes one morning I had to free my car of like 30 cm snow … really annoying though^^

      still I am happy you got “snow free” so we can enjoy a early chapter ^^

      1. That makes me soo relieved, although im new to these types of novels, This novel has me hooked more than any other I’ve read in a long time.
        Again thanks a lot for all your (and future) hard work

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