New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 33

Hi guys, just finished dinner? I just finished a chapter! xD Third sponsored chapter of the day, brought to you once more of our very own community member, EODBull. Again, a big round of applause for EODBull! The action heats up in this chapter; Book 9, Chapter 33 – Astonishment. Enjoy the read, and remember to join me in saying thanks, EODBull! The next chapter (and I’m 99% sure I’ll get it out tonight) is sponsored by him as well!

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      1. Thx EODBULL, you gotta finish it tonight to end the battle of the saints!!! Thanks Ren.

        seriously, I typed it really slow and it still tells me I am posting too quick!

    1. Hmmmm your name sounds so familiar……. have you perhaps used a name, EODKnight in a browser game? 😀

      Oh and thank you and Ren for the chapter.

      EDIT: I think i just read chapter 34 but Ren removed it? xD

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