New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 32

Afternoon guys! Finished lunch? I haven’t had mine yet, but what I HAVE done is completed Book 9, Chapter 32 – Desperate. No promises, but we are on track for a four chapter day! Woooo! This chapter, as well as the next two chapters, are all courtesy of our generous community member and donor EODBull, so if you enjoyed the read, please don’t forget to consider joining me in a round of applause for EODBull! Thanks, EODBull!

Today’s gonna be an excitin’ one, so stay ready for more!

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  1. Are you planning it to be a four chapter day because 1. it is a holiday so it counts as a weekend day, or 2. you feel guilty for not giving us four chapter on either Saturday nor Sunday, 3. it just seems to be turning out that way or 4. all of the above?

  2. Thanks sooo much for translating this and for the quick chapters as well as the doners. I only started reading this yesterday and was so engrossed in it found myself just zooming through it to get to this point.

  3. Moissonneur66’s comment made me think of a bad pun if it offends you sorry. If your name is Paco don’t lisp, we don’t want “a Paco’s lisp” to stop Ren from getting out four chapter’s today. 😛 😀

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