New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 3

Howdy again guys! Since I had leftovers from yesterday, lunch went by fast so I didn’t have to waste any time. Here is your second sponsored chapter of the day; Book 9, Chapter 3 – Provocation. Enjoy the read! If you do, please consider offering a word of thanks to the generous donors who sponsored this chapter: SH of Hong Kong, AA of Germany, MJ of Australia, TU of Austria, MrMarton, RH of Maryland, KZ of Italy, and Evrin. Thank you so much, guys! And readers, thank you for your continued support of Coiling Dragon and Wuxia World! Muah!

I will do at least one more chapter today, but I’m not sure if I’ll do a fourth. Last weekend, I started to get an impression that some people were starting to take four chapter weekends for granted, and honestly it’d be nice to get out and hang out with friends on Saturday night for a change. So we’ll see. But either way, at least one more chapter coming!

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  1. Thanks Ren and :o, I don’t get how people take the four chapter weekend for granted. I mean the f5 army is proof enough how people live off each chapter lol. And the 100+ comments the chapters amass. I personally LOVE the four chapter weekend. It’s one of the reasons I look forward to the weekend haha.

  2. I would really like to see a clock with your local time. It gets frustrating to see you posts mentioning the morning greetings or the goodnights and me having to subtract 10 and a half hours to figure it out.

    Thank you for your translations and I have to say your translations are the highest quality I have ever seen for any novel on the internet.

  3. Hey Ren,

    It sounds like you’re working hard between your career and this. I think you should take one day each weekend off from translating and relax. Give yourself some time off from work and this. Though this might be enjoyable, you don’t want to burn out. Life is all about balances.

    As for those who want chapters out every day, understand that Ren is a person too, and he isn’t obligated to do this. How many other translators post three chapters a day? I think he more than deserves some relaxation time.

    Take it from someone who works 80+ hours a week 🙂

      1. He’s right Ren. Your health is important. You could possibly even hire a subordinate. Having read up to here in the story I cannot help but feel extremely grateful to you for providing me with such an awesome story. Let us know if you want a day or more off though so we can do other things rather than wait for our crack, I mean Coiling Dragon chapters.

  4. I felt some kind of deja-vu seeing you said how people were starting to take four chapter weekends for granted.

    “I often have to coax little Wharton. Lemme tell ya, if you want to give a kid something, you can’t give them something too good, right off the bat. Otherwise, in the future, they’ll expect something really good every single time, or something even better. ”

    Take it easy Ren, three chapters a day is already miraclous.

  5. You take some time off Ren thats what weekends are for! You have been working like crazy on these translations while also having a regular job! I dont think anyone would blame you for taking a day off in the weekends

  6. Go out with your friends tonight Ren, play some games or something. Also TY for the chapters. Well that or get some rest as your just getting over being sick.

  7. hmmm how to solve Ren’s problem??? Get together with your friends tonight and have a mass translation party and complete book 9 in one shot! LOL. As always thanks Ren & donators for this chapter and please enjoy and have fun!

  8. I think you should take the evening off and hang-out with your friends. Its amazing you do 3-a-day chapters already with a full-time job so take it easy and relax

  9. You should go out with your friends, I’m sure all of us leechers will understand. When I first started reading CD I thought I would be lucky to see a new chapter that month, so 3 chapters a day feels like a withdrawal induced dream. You’ve definitely earned some time off

  10. I have an idea, how about this:
    Since your weekend time is more valuable you can consider doing 2-3 chapters for regular bonus price, but have a separate donation bucket for time and a half or double(overtime) for that extra 4th maybe even 5th chapter and then see how the donations go. If you are interested in that… Heck any day could be an overtime day if it’s a 4th+ chapter.

    Again that is if people are willing to pay double for it, you know what I mean?

    Again I love you Ren, this is an amazing story and I want you to feel like your amazingly fast translation skills are rewarded.

    1. starmatrix, I don’t want to up the price, but thank you so much for your suggestion! Truth be told, although my weekend time is more ‘valuable’, since I do have a full time 40 hr/week job, my weekend translation is actually much more ‘relaxed’ than when I normally translate during the day, hehe 🙂

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