New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 23

Hey guys, here’s a second sponsored chapter of the day for you! I got this one out in record time by not doing any of my usual review/editing, plus not taking any breaks, so please be lenient if you find more grammatical errors than usual. That being said, I do welcome you as always to post any that you find, so I can fix them later! Book 9, Chapter 23 – Pulseguard is now up. Enjoy! If you do, please remember to say thank you to DG of Germany, who if I might remind everyone, sponsored two full days of chapters for y’all. Woo! Thanks, DG!

Okay, going to take a fifteen minute break and see if I can crank this third chapter out after all. It’ll be late, but I took like a 3-hour nap, so I’m not sleepy at all right now. Should be able to do it. We’ll see. Cheers!

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  1. Thank you for finishing this chapter and the next so quickly. That having been said, I love the fact that you take the time to proof the chapters normally and I hope you will continue when not dealing with extenuating circumstances such as now.

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