New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 22

Hey, sorry guys!  I knew I said the chapter was coming out late, but I didn’t expect it to come out this late; I had a bit of wine at the lunch event, and went I went home super early and took a ‘nap’, the nap lasted for a few hours.  LOL.  Anyhow, I’ll still commit to getting you guys three chapters today, although the final one will be past midnight!  I’ll be going for super-speed today, and I won’t do any proofreading at all, so please bear with any typos that I might make.

Anyhow, here’s the first sponsored chapter of the day!  Book 9, Chapter 22 – The War God’s Summons.  Enjoy the read!  If you do, please consider joining me in a warm round of thanks and applause for DG of Germany, who has sponsored two full days worth of chapters for you guys!  Thanks so much for your generosity, DG!

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  1. Thanks for the Chapter 😀

    Don’t push yourself to hard trying to get the last 2 chapters out, no sense pushing yourself to hard tonight if it makes your feel like crap tomorrow. We all know how hard you work and no one will complain about a missed chapter here or there 😀

  2. As I was rereading the translations again, I was stunned to find this detail, doehring cowart, if you pronounce it in english, its somewhat close to “the ring coward”, haha, im mind blown

    1. Holy Shit! I wonder if IET did this intentionally. It has to be!! Like what kind of name is Doehring Cowart. The ‘coward’ part may be controversial though, or maybe it’s right on the money haha.

      1. Was it cowardice to escape into a ring when you die? He admits he didn’t live life fully with a family but that was due to arrogance and pride not cowardice. His selfless ending for Linley’s sake was brave and selfless. The complete opposite of cowardice. Grandpa Doehring was no coward regardless of the similarities in his name. You guys take that back!

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