New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 21

Hi guys, here is your third and final chapter of the day! This is a REGULAR chapter for the week, and nothing will be deducted from that queue you guys built up again X.X which I didn’t even manage to keep cleared for two hours. Oh well. Enjoy! Book 9, Chapter 21 – The Eldest Disciple.

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11 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 21” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for this. I kept hoping I’d see another chapter tonight. Sorry you didn’t get any rest though. I’m torn between hoping you’ll get a break and wanting to read the rest of the series as soon as humanly possible.

    Guess what, my altruism is losing. Get back to translating and don’t keep me in suspense any longer. I need to read the rest. Feed my addiction. Enable me quickly!

  2. Thank YoU!!! And thanks to the donators! You guys are an awesome human being!

    Also Ren are you using any wordpress plugin? How do you get the previous/next chapter post to stay within certain Book/Volume. And the table of content is that a plugin?

    I’m just asking because I’m planning to write my own novel soon and wordpress is the only I’m capable of setting up. T_T

  3. What is this magic word「clear」Ren keeps using. Never heard of it before.

    Thanks donors you da best. It’s thanks to you ( and Ren) that leechers like me get more translated chapters.

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