New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 2

A lovely Saturday mornin’ to y’all, ladies and gents! I ‘slept in’ a lil bit, so I got this chapter out at the ‘regular’ time instead of the ‘early’ weekend time. But better later than never, right? Here is Book 9, Chapter 2 – A Breakthrough in Spiritual Energy! Go on, have a gander, and if you like it, please remember to join me in a warm round of applause for our generous donor, SG of Iowa, who sponsored this chapter. Thank you so much, SG! And thank you, readers, for your continuing support!

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  1. There should be a leveling system next to your name. Everyone starts at the first rank and to gain experience to get to the next level you must F5 a numerous amount of times on the newest chapter page. Once you reach rank 7+ you cannot advance to the next rank unless you “break through” by making it to the top 5 comments.

    I don’t know if you’re able to make this but it’s a nice thought and it gives some sort of reward to the F5 army.

  2. Thanks to the donators ??
    I’d like to know around what time do you think the next chapter will be released??
    Since I’m in UTC +1 it’ll help me decide if I to sleep earlier then wake up tomorrow and read 2 new chapters or if I wait for one today and read the other one tomorrow with my cofee.

          1. Yeah! You are just so awesome Ren, i have no words to describe how much i love you, heh 😛 If only i was a girl, haha ~~

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