New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 14

Evenin’ friends! Off work yet? I am, and I’ve just finished the latest chapter for y’all! Book 9, Chapter 14 – An Exchange Between Experts is now up! Enjoy the read, but after you do, don’t forget to consider coming here and offering a word of thanks for the generous donor who sponsored this chapter; DL of Washington! Thank you so much, DL, and thank you, readers, for your continued support of Wuxia World and Coiling Dragon!

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  1. Ren! Chapters of book one are actually missing their memos “The Ring”, as every chapters of following books have their respective memos attached! 😉

    Also, dear readers, dont forget to support our site and click AD’s! Thank you! 😛

      1. Book 1, Chapter 1 – Early Morning at a Township
        Book 1, Chapter 18 – The Coiling Dragon Spirit (part 1)

        >> “The Ring” memo? As in following ones, their respective memos:

        Book 2, >Growing Up< Chapter 2 – A Clumsy Method (Part 1)

        Book 3, Mountain Range of Magical Beasts – Chapter 7, The Journey (part 1)



        By the way, the code seems to be broken… If used twice it does not close properly, or makes part of comment invisible… So i can not properly highlight memos, sigh. Well, you can surerly see which one i am talking about without it, too.

      2. I think he means the book title in the chapter headers. E.g. “Book 1, Chapter 1 – Early Morning at a Township” vs. “Book 3, Mountain Range of Magical Beasts – Chapter 1, Stone Sculpting (part 1)” “The Ring” is not in the header for the book 1 chapter.

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