New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 13

Good morning gents! Ready for your lunch chapter?! Here is Book 9, Chapter 13 – Caylan’s Arrival. Enjoy the read while enjoying your lunch! If you do, please consider joining me in a warm round of thanks to the generous donors who sponsored this chapter; JG of Texas, BL of Maryland, madhu89, rileyshima, SW of Washington, CO of Ohio, Tsaimath, and LV of California. Thank you all so much for your contributions, guys!

Okay, hope you have fun reading. Remember that you can help support Wuxia World by turning your Adblock off at this site, if you so choose. Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Ren, i have a suggestion. Could you add additional setup to glossary with names of every character in both English, and Chineese (prennouncion) versions? I know you allways introduce us to those when dealing for first time with new name, but it is so easy to forget. And i would love to have a way to easly check which is which and actually remember a few of them. It would help with imagining some scenes in a way i like to when reading chapters 🙂

          1. Yeah, them, the blahblahblah ones. Why would i want pure chineese characters anyway? I can not read them same as vast majority of readers xD

            That’s why in my first comment i wrote chineese (prennouncion) version, duh, might have been a bit misleading i guess.

            Knowing how major techniques are pronounced (finnaly checked how to write this, sigh) in BlahBlahBlah versions might be a cool idea, too.

          2. lol somebody previously asked for the Chinese names! Yeah, if you can go ahead and post’m all here, I’ll go ahead and put the proper names up up!

          3. If you have some time later, will you add them for techniques too (and spells)? As they are not in current translation at all 😛 Might be nice to include power ranks, too. Warrior of X’th rank, Magus, Saint, Diety, Early stage, mid stage, etc. 😛

          4. By the way, it will take me a while as i will not be just fast-forwarding to find ( )’s, but also reading most of text alongside, just for pleasure 🙂

    1. Ya got a death wish, dont ya, Mr. Sawwas? 😛 No chapter weekend? How could any of us possibly bear such a torture?! We are already way too spoiled for that! xD xD ^.^

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