New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 12

Evenin’ folks! You knew this was comin’ here it is! Your third and final sponsored chapter of the day! Book 9, Chapter 12 – Front Courtyard as Busy as a Marketplace. Enjoy the read, and if you do, please remember to join me in a round of applause for the generous donors who made this possible; Interitus, DP of Ontario, BM of Australia, and MW of Germany. Thank you so much, guys! And thanks to all the readers for continuing to support us!

Okay guys, I did have to turn on the ‘flood protection’ again though, since it seemed turning that off was impacting the servers. Sorry!

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  1. Wow i didn’t know about the cold Ren had til 2 hours ago when i read the comments of the two chapters i read back to back but i honestly wasn’t expecting another chapter today because of it.

    Thankx a lot Ren, should really take a rest though don’t want to test luck with colds, those are the most harmless yet most devastating illness known to man 😀

  2. Ok the ads are really starting to get annoying. I’m getting ads that are continuously auto redirecting me to random pages without me doing anything (and to the App Store when I’m on my ipad). I don’t mind disabling Adblock and staring at random ads for half a second. But I do mind it when they start sending me to random pages

    1. Please provide me with a link. It seems Google Adsense is sending a bad batch of IOS ads and I will need to report it to them. In the mean time, please go ahead and turn on Adblocker. Getting this sort of problem is not part of our ‘deal’, and I totally understand.

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