New Chapter Release! Book 9, Chapter 10

Mornin’ gents!  Ready for your lunch/pre-lunch reading?  Presenting Book 9, Chapter 10 – The Two Geniuses.  Enjoy the read, and if you do, please consider offering a voice of thanks to the generous donor and community member who sponsored this chapter; Eyd!  Thanks so much, Eyd!

Okay, gotta run.  Thanks for your continued support of Coiling Dragon, everyone!  Remember to consider having your Adblock off here to help support us, if you don’t already have it off!  😀

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  1. Thanks. I have a question anyone can answer? Is A Martial Odyssey like ST or Coiling dragon or the book the Initiate Brother or somewhere in between and is it an enjoyable read?

  2. I have a question,why linley isn’t using his earth Earthguard while on dragonblood form?it seems to be that earthguard has become irrelevant/useless to his arsenal.And regarding the current chapter it seems to me that linley could easily have won(their speed is equal,yes,but their defense isn’t,oliver’s defense is that of a normal saint level while linley has the dragonblood scales and the questionable earthguard) ,also it seems to me that linley hasn’t gone all out (bloodviolet aura,dual wielding or any other spell than windshadow).Also Thank you for your hard work Ren!!

    1. It amazes me how people can read this far into the story and ask questions like this. There is a big difference between the power of a 9th rank and a saint level. His earthguard armor is pretty much useless against saint level attacks. And why would Linley go all out against Oliver right away? He has no bout with him. He was simply showing Oliver that he isn’t some pushover.

      1. i dont wanna sound like a prick.i agree with you that the spell isnt capable to stopping a single attack from a saint level but it still gives some sort of defense maybe a 50% damage reduction which is alot.that was purpose of of my question.also you maybe guessed from my question that i’m the kind of guy who lives by the words “sometimes it is entirely necessary to kill a fly with a sledgehammer”.

          1. It isn’t specifically stated, but I agree that the implication is that a ninth-ranked magic armor spell is like wet tissue in front of a peak-stage Saint-level attack. It’d just be a waste of time and mageforce.

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