New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 9

Hi gang! Here is your third and final bonus chapter of the day – Book 8, Chapter 9 – Olivier. Hope you enjoy it, all! As for me, time for bed. Newcomers, remember, you can help support us by turning off your Adblock!

Big thanks need to go to our generous donors who cleared the queue: An anonymous donor, sctgd1, meisterdevious, DS of Indonesia, JR of Illinois, and Xel. Thanks so much for the group effort, all of you! And big thanks as well, as always, to our lovely readers. You guys remain the best a man can ask for. In two days, on our 1 month anniversary, I’ll add some details on how we’ve done in the past month!

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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for YOUR hard work oh my great lord REN
    ALL HAIL REN!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot, i cleared all the translation in a day so i’m sad now T_T.. but great work! Looking forward to every chapter release now :). I’m a chinese myself but sadly if i read the raw text i can only understand like 50% of whats going on lol , unless someone reads it out to me :P… dont really have good chinese reading skills .. Hopefully i can make more donation in the future to force more chapters out >:) . Thanks!

  3. Keep up the good work man! This novel has been killing my productivity at work LOL.

    You know the one month anniversary coming up… there wouldn’t happen to be surprise bonus chapters would there :O?!

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