New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 8

Afternoon, gents!  Off work already?  I am!  Since I managed to get the first chapter out earlier, I got this one out earlier as well ;).  Take that, spammeisters!  For your reading pleasure, the second bonus chapter of the day: Book 8, Chapter 8 – Leaving the Mountains.  Enjoy the read!  Newcomers, remember, you can help support us by turning off your Adblock and/or (US only) by doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate links!

This bonus chapter was brought to you by our generous donor, JR of Illinois.  Once again, a big round of applause to JR of Illinois…and of course, to all of you readers and supporters of Coiling Dragon as well!  Great to have you!

Queue cleared!  For my own records, the present contributors to the queue for Chapter 9 are: An anonymous donor, sctgd1, and meisterdevious, DS of Indonesia, and JR of Illinois.  Thanks, all! EDIT: And Xel clears the queue for Chapter 9! Thanks so much, Xel! Also big thanks to AY of Vancouver, HS of Germany, JI of Iowa, and DT of Queensland for your contributions to the queue for Chapter 10! I just updated the queue with your donations! Thank you so much! EDIT 2: Thanks to TP of Minnesota for clearing the queue for Chapter 10, as well as starting the queue for Chapter 11! EDIT 3: Thanks to OD of Germany, MAT of Germany, Evrin, Gren, and JJ of Illinois for clearing Chapter 11 alongside TP of Minnesota! Thanks to OD of Germany and ZG of Russia for starting the queue for Chapter 12! Many thanks!

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    1. Haha, welcome to our little community, WillieD, and thanks for registering! Yes, it does seem as though Linley is headed in that direction, doesn’t it? *wink wink*

      1. Thanks for having me! Had to comment now that my favorite character seems to be reentering the scene soon. Was disappointed when Linley didn’t comment/realize that Wharton was still around when he was in depression after the death of his father and after the death of Grandpa Cowering (misspelled for sure, let’s pretend it’s intentional). On review seems like I’ve mashed his two names together… oh well.

  1. Hey Ren,

    Thanks for the fabulous work. These chapters give me a small break from my 16 hour study sessions in med school. You are keeping me sane, so I have to thank you 😀


        1. Ugh I can’t do 16 hours this early… maybe in May when classes are done and I have 3 weeks of dedicated Step 1 time… Slow and steady for me up to then I guess. Not like there’s much else to do in winter in the midwest.

          1. I could never cram 2 years of school into 3 weeks of dedicated study. I have to take the slow and long approach. Good to see another future M.D. who loves wuxia. What school you at? I’m in the midwest too 😀

          2. MS2 at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis campus

            What I meant to say was that I couldn’t do 16 hour crusades this early, been studying in spare time (generally amounts to no more than 20-30 during regular school weeks) the past few months. I feel like I’m pouring water into a cup that’s already flowing over haha… How do I increase the size of the cup is the problem.

  2. So nice, just when I was hoping Linley would see his brother soon we find out that he is heading towards the o’brien empire. Now i really can’t wait for more chapters, good thing you’re so fast at translating. Thanks you for yet another chapter.

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