New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 6

Hi gang!  Had a good dinner?  Here, for your post-dinner/pre-sleep reading pleasure is a third (and final?  not sure) bonus chapter of the day – Book 8, Chapter 6 – Another Transformation.  This one is a fun one, guys!  Enjoy the read!  Newcomers, remember, you can help support us by turning off your Adblock and/or (US only) by doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate links!

Big thanks are due to our generous donors AK of Arizona, meisterdevious, honaidy, who sponsored this chapter.  Thanks so much, guys!  Big round of applause to you!  Thanks as always to our readers; I can’t get tired of saying this, you guys are the best!

EDIT: Thanks to meisterdevious and DS of Indonesia for your kind donations! I have added them to the queue for Chapter 9. Thanks again!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Ren, I have a small request though, if you don’t mind. Since you might be posting another chapter tonight, on the off chance you’re too busy and don’t finish, can you leave a notice? Some of us like to stay up and read the last chapter of the day before going to sleep 🙂 , it would be nice to know if you’re posting another so we could wait, or if you’re not, we could go the sleep earlier. Thanks!

      1. Haha, my sleep schefule is wrecked anyway, so i can wait for last chapter everyday 😀 I live in GTM+1 but sleep as if it was GTM-5. Basically i sleep from 17:00 to 2:00, then read Coiling Dragon and other novels, go to work at 9:00 and come back at 16:00, heh.

  2. Oh my god, i am so hyped, i have no clue what it is but it is legendary so it must be good o_o

    Hope he brought his pokéballs to deal with it

    Anyway TY RWX, i might’ve mentioned it before but i am quite hyped and need a next chapter o_o

  3. Im gmt +1 too i start working at 5 am at 6 am mostly is a chapter realese after that is mostly 12 am the next and 6-12 pm mostly the 3th chapter haha well if i didnt see it up until 12 pm i go to sleep and the next morning i see 3 chapthers 😀 haha you are awsome RWX

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