New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 59

Finally, gentlemen and ladies, the final chapter in this long, loooong book is out!  Book 8, Chapter 59 – The Brothers Meet.  Excited?  Heck yah!  Go and read it now!  After you do though, please consider joining me in a warm round of applause for the generous donors who sponsored this chapter: LV of California, honaidy and TheLeecher.  Thank you so much, guys!

So…should I do a third chapter today, or should I take a rest since I just finished a book?  *pondering* xD

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      1. Ren you have to understand that we no longer want to read the chapters…no no… we NEED to read the chapters!!!!!!

        You created us, now you need to feed us till the end of eternity(Coiling Dragon(…possibly after as well))

  1. Please. Please. Please.

    Sorry… I’m getting ahead of myself. You deserve a rest.
    But I really must read the next chapter! The suspense!!!! Ughhhh!!!

    I’m sorry. How embarrassing. I lost myself… Gotta keep calm…

      1. Oh shit… Why is IET so cruel with these unbearable cliffhangers???

        I’ve literally spent the whole day idly waiting for new chapters to come out.
        And I’m gonna need to wait even longer? The pain….!

  2. I know you deserve rest but please do one more I literally won’t be able to sleep tonight if i don’t find out what happens when the Emperor finds out about the 6 or so saint lvl supporters that Wharton just gained

    1. I’m with you 110%!!! Must! Must! Must!

      P.S. I’m totally turning into a zombie right now. Zassler has summoned me from the Netherworld to demand the next chapter.

          1. IET may just hide that for a bit as well.
            Wharton could very well not know the answer to all his ailments is here.
            Alternatively, what if we get a time skip?

  3. Firstly, Thanks for the Chapter as always. I’m usually a silent reader, so yea xD. Imo, you should do one more chapter today, and take tmmrw off. I mean a free saturday is better than like 1/3 of a day

  4. Ren i need to wake up tomorrow at 4:30 am so i was going to sleep earlier today but if you dont translate another chapter im afraid i wont be able to sleep so please have some mercy with my poor soul

    1. cagte3, my mother would kill me X_X. Seriously. She watches like a hawk and has no qualms about calling/messaging me when she sees me posting past midnight xD Sorry, but one more is all I can do.

        1. Yeah, she was curious about what I was doing, so I introduced it to her, and she read the original Chinese. Just last week, she was getting into a debate with me about whether 空间戒指 should be translated as ‘spatial ring’ or ‘interspatial ring’ xD xD

    1. That would be epic if he got donation from his actual mother saying “Ren, do this 4’th chapter today, i can’t wait for it until tommorow! Especially to have fun reading all those comments of addicts!” ~~ Mm, the dreams are nice.

  5. Just sent in a donation Ren, think you are amazing and would like to ask you to be my mentor and master in the ways of being a god.

    Love you, yours truly your one and only sex slave/meat hole.

    1. Thanks, RPTM! My paypal is laggy right now, but I’ll be sure to add in the donation to the queue shortly and credit you for it. Thanks for registering and joining our little community! As for the last sentence, I’m, uh, happily celibate right now. If I wasn’t, I don’t think I’d have the time for all these translations xD

          1. I love Een just as much a I love my family, because Ren provides me with just as much joy as they do.

  6. Kay, i had my share of epic fun reading and writing comments with all of you guys and girls, but now i really need to go to sleep. Buwah, i will just take a nap for 4 hours and wake up, read new chapter and go to sleep again. Yeah, that seems to be the plan! 🙂

      1. I am so tired after today that i might actually be able to fall asleep even with this cliffhanger. The scariest part is that next chapter might be even worse in this regard and i wont sleep anymore tonight… Ha… 😛 Duuuh, i should try to sleep not keep writing! My sleep schedule is getting messed up xD

  7. Ren please. My heart goes out to Wharton and Linley. I cannot bear to see Wharton suffer like his brother had. Please put my mind at ease, and let me see Linley fight Olivier(?) like has been foreshadowed.

          1. he might be? we still haven’t heard anything of the tiger(?) supreme warrior clan. Also, I expect that it’ll be a duel given that Linley would not want to offend the War God (bullying his new disciple) while still forcing Blumer to stop pursuing Nina. A show of strength by beating Olivier solo would also gain more of Johann’s favor.

  8. Ren, I wanna thank you for translating this! I’ve never read anything this good before (Only read Arifureta, Mushou Tensei, Stellar Transformations and some others). I’m not joking when writing this, I spent 21 hours non-stop reading this. Only break I took was bathroom break and to eat some food. I’ve been sick for over a month, so I am unable to leave the house or go to school, so it’s really boring for me at home. But reading this brought me joy again!
    I will donate when I get money on my card again!

    Again, thank you!

    Edit: Is there anything else you’ve been translating that might be fun to read? Wuxia intrests me alot!

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for registering and joining the community, King Ares! I’m glad this has helped you when you’ve been sick! 🙂 This technically is not Wuxia (martial arts), more Xianxia (martial arts + magic). Have you taken a look at Swallowed Star at It is by the same author, I Eat Tomatoes!

      1. haven’t read that since the translate chapter still at few chapter only n i hate cliff hanger, but i like tomatoz’s other novel xinzhenbien. qin yu is way more more op then linley

    1. Heart attack? That’s not good! I guess I should stop translating, I wouldn’t want my translation to cause a heart attack 囧囧囧 hehe welcome to the community!

  9. Soooo I read somewhere that in order to read Chinese at an even functional level you need to memorize over four thousand characters. Is that true Ren? I also read that there are over thirty one thousand total characters (including the ancient ones) is that true?

    1. I think you need to know at least 2-3k to be able to read most things. As far as I know, ancient characters are exactly that: ancient and unused. Most modern Chinese seems to be “simplified.”

  10. I’m glad you were joking Ren, if you had meant it for real, I don’t think I’d be able to sleep tonight and stay up until the new chapter comes out tomorrow.

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