New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 52

Still sick, still can’t sleep! T.T And I can’t take another day of sick leave. Baaaah. Well, here’s the first chapter of the day, super early again because…well, you guys know. Book 8, Chapter 52 – The Beirut Clan. If you enjoy it, please make sure to offer a warm round of applause to EODBull, who so generously sponsored this chapter with his donation! Thanks, EODBull!

Okay, off to work T.T. While I am at work, have fun reading! And remember to consider having your Adblock off for this site 🙂

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  1. Does anyone else have issues with the mobile mode? It switches back and forth from mobile/pc format all the time for me.

    Either way, get better soon and thanks donators and Ren for this chapter

      1. i’am sick aswell so i know your pain mate! get well soon and dont overwork yourself too much, you gotta take care of yourself, so dont stress too much with the chapters, i’am sure we can all understand it even if you took the rest of the day off to sleep 🙂

  2. cant wait for the reunion.. aaaaaaaaa.. hoping another 1 or 2 chapter Linley will meet his lil bro.. muahha.. Thank you again Ren.. and thanks alot to all donator

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